Alex Jones Fails Max Keiser’s 10,000 Bitcoin Quiz

November 5, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a surprising turn of events, Alex Jones, renowned host of Infowars, failed to answer a series of five Bitcoin-related questions in Max Keiser’s 10,000 Bitcoin Quiz. This quiz was designed to allow Jones to recover a significant amount of Bitcoin that he had lost in a laptop over a decade ago. However, to Keiser’s disappointment, Jones did not answer a single question correctly. The questions ranged from fundamental knowledge about Bitcoin’s operation to controversial topics such as the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Keiser expressed frustration with Jones’ lack of seriousness and knowledge, emphasizing that he had missed out on a potential fortune. Despite the significant value that the Bitcoin stash would have today, Jones humorously admitted that he was relieved not to have received it, jokingly stating that it may have led to his demise.

Alex Jones Fails Max Keiser’s 10,000 Bitcoin Quiz

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Alex Jones, the host of Infowars, recently lost the opportunity to recover 10,000 bitcoin that he had received as a gift from international journalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser over ten years ago. In an attempt to help Jones regain this gift, Keiser organized a quiz consisting of five questions about Bitcoin and its operation. Unfortunately, Jones was unable to answer any of these questions correctly.


Quiz Questions

The quiz questions posed to Jones by Keiser were as follows:

  1. How many total bitcoin are there ever going to be in existence?
  2. How often does the difficulty adjustment adjust?
  3. What’s the core hashing algorithm called?
  4. How often, on average, do new blocks appear?
  5. Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto?

Jones’ Response

To the dismay of Keiser and many Bitcoin enthusiasts, Jones failed to answer any of the quiz questions correctly. This lack of knowledge demonstrated by Jones was a cause of frustration for Keiser, who had hoped that Jones would be able to recover the lost bitcoin through this quiz.

Jones, however, seemed unfazed by his failure to answer the questions. In a tongue-in-cheek statement, he expressed his gratitude for not receiving the 10,000 bitcoin, jokingly stating that he would probably be dead by now if he had received this gift.

Alex Jones Fails Max Keisers 10,000 Bitcoin Quiz

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Value of the Gift

At the time of the gift, the price of bitcoin was significantly lower than it is today. Despite this, the current value of the 10,000 bitcoin gift that Jones lost is estimated to be worth more than $350 million. This highlights the immense growth and value appreciation that bitcoin has experienced over the years.


Keiser’s Frustration

Max Keiser was visibly disappointed with Jones’ performance in the quiz. He expressed frustration over Jones’ lack of seriousness in approaching the quiz, especially considering the potential value of the lost bitcoin. Keiser pointed out that instead of utilizing the past years to study and gain knowledge about bitcoin, Jones had chosen not to do so, leading to his inability to answer the quiz questions correctly.

Jones’ Lack of Seriousness

During the quiz, Jones displayed a lack of seriousness in answering the questions posed by Keiser. This attitude was a source of frustration for Keiser, who expected Jones to have a basic understanding of bitcoin considering the gravity of the situation. Jones’ failure to approach the quiz seriously raises questions about his dedication to understanding and learning about cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, Jones’ lack of seriousness during the quiz has implications beyond the loss of the 10,000 bitcoin gift. It brings into focus his overall approach to important matters and his willingness to invest time and effort to expand his knowledge in various fields.

Jones’ Assumption

One of the questions in the quiz asked whether Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin. Jones assumed that this question was a trick and reasoned that Keiser would not give him the 10,000 bitcoin now that their value had significantly increased. This assumption demonstrated Jones’ failure to recognize the importance of staying informed and reading news articles, as Keiser pointed out.

Keiser’s Criticism

In response to Jones’ assumption, Keiser criticized Jones’ lack of knowledge and awareness despite having access to a wealth of news articles surrounding bitcoin. Keiser remarked that anyone who had been reading the news would have been aware of the answer to the fifth question, highlighting the importance of staying informed and engaging with relevant information to deepen one’s understanding of bitcoin.

Keiser’s critique of Jones’ failure to stay informed and his reliance on assumptions rather than factual knowledge calls attention to the necessity of actively seeking information and learning in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

Answer to the Last Question

While the article does not provide the answer to the last question in the quiz, it is clear that Keiser believed the answer was widely known and easily accessible through reading the news. This reinforces the idea that actively engaging with news and information is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of bitcoin and its related topics.


The outcome of Alex Jones’ performance in Max Keiser’s 10,000 bitcoin quiz highlights the importance of knowledge and staying informed in the world of cryptocurrency. Jones’ failure to answer any of the quiz questions correctly, coupled with his lack of seriousness and assumptions, demonstrates a lack of dedication to understanding bitcoin and its intricacies.

The significance of this quiz extends beyond just the lost opportunity for Jones to recover the 10,000 bitcoin gift. It serves as a reminder to readers about the value of actively engaging with information, critically analyzing news, and continuously seeking knowledge to stay informed in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

As readers, it is essential to reflect on this performance and consider the implications it may have on our own approach to learning and understanding subjects that are vital to our personal and financial well-being.

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