Arizona man charged over online posts that allegedly incited Australian attack in which 6 died

December 8, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a shocking turn of events, an Arizona man has been charged over online posts that allegedly incited a “religiously motivated terrorist attack” in Australia, resulting in the death of six individuals. Queensland state police reported that three perpetrators ambushed and fatally shot officers who were investigating a missing person case. The FBI arrested a 58-year-old man, Donald Day Jr., on charges of inciting violence through his online comments. While the motive behind the attack is still being investigated, it has been revealed that the attackers were influenced by a Christian extremist ideology. This incident once again highlights the dangers of online radicalization and the impact it can have in real-world scenarios.

Arizona man charged over online posts that allegedly incited Australian attack in which 6 died

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In December 2022, a tragic incident occurred in Australia that resulted in the death of six individuals. The attack was described as a “religiously motivated terrorist attack” by the police. Recently, an arrest has been made in Arizona, charging an individual for online posts that allegedly incited the attack. This article will delve into the background of the incident, the legal charges faced by the suspect, the ongoing investigation, the extremist ideology involved, collaboration between law enforcement agencies, the impact on the victims and the community, the prosecution process, and the implications of addressing online incitement and preventing religiously motivated attacks.



Incident in Australia

On December 12, 2022, Queensland state police officers Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, along with an innocent bystander named Alan Dare, were fatally shot at the Trains’ remote property in the rural community of Wieambilla. The attack took place when four officers arrived at the property to investigate a missing person report. The Trains, consisting of Gareth Train, his brother Nathaniel Train, and Nathaniel’s wife Stacey Train, ambushed the officers, resulting in a gunfight. Two officers managed to escape and alert the authorities, leading to a six-hour siege during which the three Trains were eventually killed.

Identifying the perpetrators

Following the attack, investigators discovered evidence suggesting that the Trains were conspiracy theorists with extremist beliefs. Their motivations were rooted in a religiously motivated ideology, which later became a focal point in the investigation.

Incitement through online comments

During the investigation, law enforcement agencies identified online comments that allegedly incited the attack. These comments were traced back to a U.S. citizen named Donald Day Jr.

Arrest of Donald Day Jr.

Based on the evidence collected, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested 58-year-old Donald Day Jr. near Heber Overgaard, Arizona. Day was charged with inciting violence through online comments posted in December 2022. He appeared in a Phoenix court and was remanded into custody.

Legal Charges

Federal charges against Day

Donald Day Jr. has been indicted on two counts of interstate threats. The indictment alleges that Day engaged in conduct demonstrating a desire to incite violence and threaten various groups and individuals, including law enforcement and government authorities, from the beginning of 2022 until February 2023.

Indictment and potential sentence

If convicted, Day could face a potential five-year prison sentence for the charges brought against him. As the legal proceedings unfold, the court will determine the final outcome and consequences of these charges.



Ongoing investigation by the FBI

The FBI is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into Donald Day Jr.’s alleged motive behind the incitement and the broader circumstances surrounding the attack in Australia. The investigation aims to uncover the full extent of Day’s involvement and shed light on the factors that led to the tragic incident.

Motive behind the attack

While the FBI is still exploring Day’s motive, Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Cheryl Scanlon stated that the attack was religiously motivated, specifically rooted in a Christian extremist ideology. It is believed that Day communicated with Gareth Train, exchanging messages that contained Christian end-of-days ideology.

Religious Extremism

Christian extremist ideology

The investigation into the attack in Australia has revealed the involvement of a Christian extremist ideology. Extremist beliefs can distort religious teachings and lead to dangerous behavior. It is important to recognize the difference between peaceful religious practice and extremist ideologies that incite violence.

End-of-days messages and communication

The messages exchanged between Donald Day Jr. and Gareth Train highlight the influence of end-of-days ideology. These messages seemed to reinforce and fuel the extremist beliefs of those involved in the attack. Understanding the factors that drive individuals to embrace such ideologies is crucial in addressing and preventing religiously motivated attacks.


FBI’s assistance to Queensland Police

The FBI has been actively collaborating with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in their investigation into the attack. The partnership between the two agencies has been instrumental in apprehending Donald Day Jr. and will continue to be vital as they work together to bring justice to those affected by the incident.

Joint effort for justice

The joint effort between the FBI and QPS demonstrates the commitment of both agencies to pursue justice for the victims of the attack and their families. By pooling their resources, expertise, and information, they have established a strong foundation for ensuring that all those involved in the planning and execution of the attack are held accountable.


Fatalities in the attack

The attack resulted in the tragic loss of six lives, including Queensland state police officers Rachel McCrow, Matthew Arnold, and an innocent bystander, Alan Dare. The devastating impact on the victims’ families and communities cannot be underestimated. The investigation and prosecution seek to provide justice and closure for those affected.

Impact on the community

The attack has left a lasting impact on the community affected by the incident. The loss of lives and the trauma experienced by individuals involved in the attack, as well as the broader community, cannot be understated. Efforts must be made to provide support, healing, and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


Legal proceedings against Day

Donald Day Jr.’s arrest marks the beginning of the legal process. The prosecution will present its case, highlighting the evidence and charges against Day. The court will assess the presented evidence and determine whether Day is guilty or not. It is essential that the legal proceedings are conducted with fairness and integrity to ensure justice is served.

Expected outcome and consequences

The outcome of the legal proceedings against Donald Day Jr. will determine the consequences he will face if found guilty. The potential five-year prison sentence highlights the severity of the charges and the importance of holding accountable those who engage in online incitement that leads to violence and loss of life.

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Addressing online incitement

The incident in Australia and the arrest of Donald Day Jr. shed light on the potential dangers posed by online incitement. It is crucial to address and monitor online platforms to prevent the spread of extremist ideologies that can incite violence. Collaborations between law enforcement agencies, social media platforms, and internet service providers are necessary to create a safer online environment.

Preventing religiously motivated attacks

The attack underscores the need to address religiously motivated attacks and ensure the safety and security of individuals and communities. Education, dialogue, and community engagement can play a significant role in challenging extremist ideologies and promoting tolerance and understanding among different religious groups. Preventative measures, such as early detection and intervention, should also be prioritized to prevent future acts of violence.


The attack in Australia and the subsequent arrest of Donald Day Jr. highlight the devastating consequences of online incitement and religious extremism. It is essential to address these issues through a collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies, communities, and online platforms. By promoting education, dialogue, and preventative measures, we can work towards building a safer and more tolerant society, free from the threat of religiously motivated violence.

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