Bombs continue to fall on Gaza as hostages remain in besieged strip

December 2, 2023 | by b1og.net


As bombs continue to fall on Gaza, the plight of the hostages still remaining in the besieged strip becomes even more urgent. After a weeklong cease-fire, the fighting between Israel and Hamas has resumed, leaving many families anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones. With 136 hostages still held captive, including men, women, and children, the situation is dire. The majority of the hostages are Israeli citizens, but there are also foreign nationals among them. The return of some hostages has provided a glimmer of hope, but for many families, the anguish and uncertainty persist. They worry about the conditions their loved ones are enduring and plead for the Red Cross to provide necessary aid. As the conflict rages on, the question remains: when will these hostages be freed?

Bombs continue to fall on Gaza as hostages remain in besieged strip

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Fate of the Hostages

Israel and Hamas have resumed fighting after a weeklong cease-fire, and Israel says 136 hostages remain in Gaza. The hostages were seized by Hamas and other militants in their deadly attack on southern Israel on October 7th, in which over 1,200 people were killed. The Israeli military spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, has provided some details about the remaining hostages. According to Hagari, there are 119 men and 17 women and children among the hostages. Additionally, there are roughly 10 hostages who are 75 years old or older. The Prime Minister’s Office has reported that the vast majority of hostages are Israeli nationals, but there are also 11 foreign nationals among them. These foreign nationals include eight from Thailand, one each from Nepal and Tanzania, and a French-Mexican individual.


There is limited information about the hostages, and their families are desperately waiting for any updates. The families of the hostages who have not been released are in a state of desperation, pleading with the government to bring their loved ones home. They are concerned about the conditions that the hostages are facing and worry that they do not have access to sufficient food, water, and medicine. The families also rely on the Red Cross to provide them with any assistance they can offer. As they wait for news, the families agonize over the lack of information available about their relatives.

Among the hostages still missing is the Bibas family, consisting of a 10-month-old baby, Kfir Bibas, his 4-year-old brother Ariel, and their mother Shiri Bibas. The military is investigating a claim made by Hamas that the boys and their mother were killed in an Israeli airstrike. However, no official information has been provided regarding their fate. The families of the hostages are in a state of desperation and uncertainty as they wonder about the well-being and whereabouts of their loved ones.

Recently freed hostages have shared their experiences, revealing the difficult conditions they faced while in captivity. They have reported challenges related to food, water, and access to necessary medication. Their accounts have raised concerns among the families of the remaining hostages who fear for their loved ones’ well-being. The families plead with the Red Cross to take immediate action and provide the necessary assistance to the hostages still held captive.

Deaths of Hostages

Tragically, there have been reported deaths among the hostages. The military has confirmed that four hostages have died in captivity, including the oldest person held hostage. The four victims are Maya Goren (56 years old), Arye Zalmanovich (86 years old), Ronan Engel (54 years old), and Eliyahu Margalit (75 years old). All four individuals were from Kibbutz Nir Oz, which was heavily impacted by the attack, leading to the loss or abduction of a significant portion of its population.

These deaths have added to the grief and desperation felt by the families of the remaining hostages. They mourn the loss of their loved ones and demand justice for their deaths. The army has stated that it has collected valuable information from the hostages who were released, which may provide insights into the circumstances surrounding these tragic deaths.

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Return of Hostages

During the recent cease-fire, 110 hostages held by Hamas militants in Gaza were returned to their families. The returnees include 86 Israeli citizens and 24 foreign nationals, with the majority being from Thailand. Upon their return, the hostages appeared to be in stable physical health, although many had lost weight during their captivity. However, one 84-year-old hostage returned in critical condition due to a lack of proper medical care while in captivity, according to doctors.

While the families have experienced joy and excitement upon the return of their loved ones, they are also aware of the challenges ahead. The hostages may face difficulties in their physical and mental recovery, requiring time and support for healing. Medical professionals have highlighted the importance of addressing the psychological toll of their captivity and providing ongoing care for the returning hostages.

The government has imposed restrictions on sharing details about the hostages’ time in captivity. This measure aims to ensure the safety of those still being held. Although this may leave some families and the public in the dark about the full extent of the hostages’ ordeal, it is an attempt to protect their well-being and secure their release.


The remaining hostages in Gaza face continued danger, as the fighting between Israel and Hamas persists. The situation is dire, and it is crucial for ongoing efforts to be made in securing the release of these hostages. The families of the remaining hostages are desperate for news and assistance, and they rely on the support of the Red Cross and the government to bring their loved ones back home safely. The international community must remain dedicated to resolving this hostage crisis and ensuring the well-being and freedom of all those held captive.

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