British judge allows trial in Prince Harry’s lawsuit against Daily Mail publisher

November 12, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a recent ruling by a British judge, it has been determined that Prince Harry’s lawsuit against the publisher of the Daily Mail will proceed to a full trial. Joined by Elton John and five other notable figures, the claimants accuse the newspaper of engaging in unlawful information-gathering practices. The publisher, Associated Newspapers Ltd., had sought to have the case dismissed, but the judge deemed that the claims have a genuine possibility of success. The case, which alleges the use of private detectives, listening devices, and deceitful means to gather information, is part of Prince Harry’s ongoing mission to address the invasive conduct of the media.

Prince Harry’s Lawsuit Against Daily Mail Publisher

British judge allows trial in Prince Harrys lawsuit against Daily Mail publisher

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Background of the Lawsuit

Prince Harry, along with several other public figures including Elton John, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, Doreen Lawrence, Simon Hughes, has filed a lawsuit against the publisher of Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers Ltd. The lawsuit alleges unlawful information gathering, including bugging homes and cars, recording phone conversations, and obtaining medical records through deceitful means. The case has attracted significant attention due to Prince Harry’s personal mission to tame Britain’s tabloid press.


Parties Involved

The parties involved in the lawsuit include Prince Harry, Elton John, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, Doreen Lawrence, Simon Hughes, and Associated Newspapers Ltd. Each of the claimants has expressed their delight at the ruling and intends to hold those responsible at Associated Newspapers fully accountable.

Accusations against Daily Mail Publisher

Prince Harry has accused the Daily Mail publisher of targeting him and the people closest to him. The allegations include unlawfully hacking voicemails, tapping landlines, obtaining itemized phone bills, and accessing flight information of Prince Harry’s then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. The claimants also allege that private investigators were hired to place listening devices inside their cars and homes, and that corrupt payments were made to police for inside information. These allegations are seen as a breach of privacy and a violation of their rights.

Defense by Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Associated Newspapers Ltd. strongly denies the allegations brought forth by Prince Harry and the other claimants. They argue that the claims were brought too late and that the documents being relied upon are confidential evidence turned over to a 2012 public inquiry. The publisher believes that the claims of phone-hacking, landline-tapping, burglary, and the use of sticky-window microphones are preposterous. They are confident that the truth will be established during the trial.

Judge’s Decision to Proceed to Trial

Judge Matthew Nicklin ruled against the publisher’s bid to dismiss the case without a trial. He stated that the defense lawyers had not presented a “knockout blow” to the claims made by the claimants. While the publisher argued that the claims were brought too late, the judge ruled that each claimant has a real prospect of demonstrating concealment of relevant facts by Associated Newspapers. The judge’s decision signifies the significance and strength of the claims brought forth by Prince Harry and the other claimants.

Reasons for Rejecting Dismissal

The judge rejected the dismissal of the case for several reasons. Firstly, the defense presented by Associated Newspapers was considered insufficient and did not deliver a strong argument against the claims. Secondly, the publisher failed to meet legal timelines by arguing that the claims were brought too late. Lastly, the judge found evidence that supported the claimants’ allegations of concealment of relevant facts. These reasons collectively supported the decision to proceed to trial.

Expectations for the Trial

The trial is expected to witness witness testimonies from the claimants and potentially Prince Harry himself. Evidence such as records of payments to private investigators by the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday is expected to be presented in court. The trial’s duration and proceedings are yet to be determined, but the outcome holds the potential for significant accountability and justice for the claimants.


Previous Lawsuits by Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been involved in previous lawsuits against tabloid newspapers. He filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mirror for phone hacking and also sued The Sun newspaper alongside actor Hugh Grant. These lawsuits reflect Prince Harry’s commitment to fighting against press intrusion and holding tabloids accountable for their actions.

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Prince Harry’s Mission to Tame Tabloid Press

Prince Harry’s mission to tame the tabloid press has been a driving force behind his legal actions. He has openly blamed the media for the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and believes that irresponsible reporting and invasion of privacy played a significant role. Prince Harry’s decision to quit royal duties and move to California with his wife, Meghan Markle, was also influenced by their desire to escape press intrusion. The present lawsuit against the Daily Mail publisher is a continuation of his mission to protect his privacy and fight for justice.

Upcoming Hearings and Trial Dates

The next hearing in the case has been scheduled for November 21. However, no specific date for the trial has been set yet. There is a possibility that Prince Harry may testify during the trial, as he unexpectedly attended the hearings in March. The outcome of the trial will have significant implications for both Prince Harry and the tabloid press, as it has the potential to set a precedent for press accountability and privacy rights.

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