Congo’s Presidential Election Shines a Spotlight on Deadly Crisis in the East

December 14, 2023 | by b1og.net


In Congo’s upcoming presidential election, the spotlight is shining on the deadly crisis in the east that has resulted in the displacement of millions. Many of those affected by the crisis, like Elisha Manishimwe, have been living in displacement camps for years, longing for the opportunity to return home and cast their vote. However, their hopes are fading, as the authorities they have relied on for help have not put an end to the ongoing war. With a record 6.9 million people displaced across the country, and ongoing fighting in the east, the election faces significant logistical challenges and questions about its credibility. The candidates, including leading opposition candidate Moise Katumbi, have promised to prioritize addressing the crisis if elected, but a divided opposition and allegations of fuel hoarding and violence during campaigns add further complexities to the political landscape. The conflict in the east remains the central issue, with candidates pledging to build a strong army to end the war. However, challenges such as corruption and unemployment also require urgent attention. As the election approaches, the fate of the nation hangs in the balance, with the hope that the elected president will bring about meaningful change and restore stability to the country.

Congo’s Presidential Election Highlights East Congo’s Deadly Crisis

Congos Presidential Election Shines a Spotlight on Deadly Crisis in the East

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Welcome to an article that explores the upcoming presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the spotlight it brings to the deadly crisis in the country’s east. This election is crucial for the nation, as it faces numerous challenges in the form of displacement, conflict, and humanitarian crises. Join us as we delve into the various aspects surrounding this significant event.


The Plight of the Displaced

As the presidential election draws near, millions of people in eastern Congo are still unable to return to their homes due to the ongoing conflict. Displacement camps are filled with weary individuals, like Elisha Manishimwe, who long to participate in the election but are unable to do so. These displaced individuals face additional challenges, including the poor quality of voter’s cards, which are becoming illegible over time.

A Humanitarian Crisis

Congo is currently grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis, with a staggering 6.9 million people displaced across the country. In the east, fighting between the military and rebel groups has further exacerbated this crisis. Despite a recent ceasefire in the region, many rebel groups have distanced themselves from it, indicating the complexities and challenges of achieving a lasting peace.

The Impact on the Election

The conflict in eastern Congo has already limited the scope of the upcoming election. President Felix Tshisekedi has announced that individuals living in volatile territories will not be able to participate in the election, potentially affecting its credibility. The challenge for the elected president will be to prioritize the issue of the east and restore the authority of the state in rebel-occupied areas.

Logistical Obstacles

Conducting a successful election in such a vast and conflict-ridden country presents enormous logistical obstacles. The electoral commission has requested additional transportation resources to ensure the timely delivery of electoral materials to all localities. While doubts linger among some observers, the commission is determined to adhere to the timetable and uphold the democratic process.

The Candidates

The presidential race features familiar faces, including incumbent President Felix Tshisekedi and Martin Fayulu, who challenged the results of the previous election. However, the leading opposition candidate is Moise Katumbi, a prominent businessman. Katumbi has garnered significant support and endorsements from other candidates who dropped out of the race. However, concerns arise regarding the possibility of a divided opposition handing Tshisekedi a second term.

Challenges Faced by the Opposition

The opposition candidates face numerous challenges and obstacles throughout their campaigns. Both Fayulu and Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege, known for his work with victims of sexual violence during war, have accused the government of hindering their campaigns by hoarding airplane fuel. Violence has also marred the campaigns, with clashes between protestors and security forces.


The East as the Main Issue

The conflict in the east remains the central issue in the presidential election. Almost all candidates have pledged to prioritize ending the war and building a strong, professional army capable of combating armed groups. The need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the security situation is crucial, with an emphasis on the Congolese state and security forces.

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Fighting Corruption and Unemployment

In addition to addressing the conflict, opposition candidates have promised to tackle corruption and high youth unemployment, both of which are significant challenges in the country. Katumbi, for instance, envisions transforming the capital, Kinshasa, into a modernized city with improved infrastructure and services.


The upcoming presidential election in Congo brings to light the deadly crisis in the country’s east. With millions of people displaced and ongoing conflict, the election presents significant challenges. It is crucial for the elected president to prioritize the east and work towards restoring stability and authority. This election not only determines the future leadership of Congo but also offers hope for a resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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