El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele Granted Leave to Campaign for Reelection

December 3, 2023 | by b1og.net


El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has been granted a six-month leave by Congress to campaign for reelection, despite a constitutional ban on reelection. Bukele, who is seeking a second five-year term for the New Ideas party, will be running in the Feb. 4 national elections. His vice president, Félix Ulloa, has also been granted leave to campaign as his running mate. While Bukele’s reelection bid has been criticized by constitutional lawyers, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal ruled that his candidacy met the legal requirements. Known for his aggressive approach towards combating gangs in the country, Bukele has gained popularity domestically but has faced international criticism for his consolidation of power and alleged disregard for human rights.

El Salvadors President Nayib Bukele Granted Leave to Campaign for Reelection

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El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele is seeking reelection despite a constitutional prohibition on reelection. In order to campaign for this second five-year term, Bukele requested leave, which was approved by Congress for a duration of six months. This decision has sparked legal controversy due to the violation of the constitution. However, Bukele’s selection of Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara as the interim leader during his absence and her collaboration with him have been approved.


Selection of Interim Leader

President Bukele has chosen Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara, his private secretary, to serve as the country’s interim leader in his absence. Rodríguez de Guevara has been a close collaborator of Bukele since his political career began as the mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlan. This selection has been met with approval, as she will hold the position until Bukele’s current term ends in May 2024.

Legal Controversy

Bukele’s decision to seek reelection has raised concerns of violating the constitution. Constitutional lawyers argue that at least four articles of the constitution are being violated. However, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal ruled that Bukele’s candidacy meets the legal requirements. This ruling has sparked debates and further legal discussions surrounding the constitutionality of Bukele’s reelection bid. Furthermore, Bukele has faced international criticism for his consolidation of power and alleged disregard for human rights.

Bukele’s Popular Policies

One of the reasons behind Bukele’s popularity in El Salvador is his aggressive war against gangs. This approach to combating gang violence has resonated with the people, as they yearn for a safer and more secure environment. Bukele’s efforts have garnered significant support, contributing to his popularity among the population. However, concerns have been raised regarding the consolidation of power by Bukele’s administration and potential implications for human rights.

Upcoming National Elections

The national elections in El Salvador are scheduled for February 4th. Bukele’s party, the New Ideas party, will be participating, with Bukele himself as the candidate seeking reelection. Vice President Félix Ulloa has also been granted leave to campaign again as Bukele’s running mate. With Bukele’s popularity and his party’s strong support, expectations are high for their performance in the upcoming elections. Predictions indicate that Bukele may have a significant advantage in securing another term.

Analysis of the Political Landscape

Currently, El Salvador’s politics are heavily influenced by President Bukele, who holds a considerable amount of power. This poses challenges for opposition candidates who may struggle to gain traction and compete effectively against Bukele’s formidable presence. The consolidation of power within the Bukele administration and the popularity of his policies make it difficult for opposition candidates to garner widespread support. These dynamics are expected to impact the overall political landscape of El Salvador.

Congressional Vote

The congressional vote on President Bukele’s request for leave and the approval of his selection of Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara as the interim leader saw 67 votes in favor and 12 votes against. The debate surrounding these decisions included arguments both for and against granting Bukele leave and approving his choice for interim leader. Ultimately, the congress’s decision has implications for democracy in El Salvador and how the government operates in accordance with the constitution.


Public Opinion

Public opinion regarding Bukele’s reelection bid is divided. Many supporters of President Bukele believe that his policies and approach to governance have positively impacted the country and want to see him serve another term. On the other hand, critics and opposition to Bukele argue that his consolidation of power and potential disregard for human rights are significant concerns that need to be addressed. These differing opinions among the population highlight the divisions within El Salvador’s society.

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International Response

Internationally, Bukele has faced criticism from human rights organizations for his alleged consolidation of power and failure to fully respect human rights. This criticism has put pressure on Bukele’s administration and has drawn attention to the situation in El Salvador. Neighboring countries and the international community have voiced their concerns and called for the protection of democratic principles and human rights in El Salvador. The international response to Bukele’s reelection bid has implications for foreign relations and the country’s standing in the global community.

Future Implications

The reelection bid of President Bukele and the approval of his leave have significant implications for democracy and the rule of law in El Salvador. The violation of the constitutional prohibition on reelection raises questions about the country’s adherence to democratic principles and the separation of powers. The potential consequences for Bukele and his supporters depend on the outcome of the upcoming national elections. Additionally, the long-term effects on the political landscape will be shaped by these events and the decisions made by the government and the people of El Salvador.

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