Far-Right Dutch Populist Party Leader Assaulted with Beer Bottle Days Before Election

November 22, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a shocking turn of events just two days before the general election, the leader of a far-right Dutch populist party was assaulted with a beer bottle. Thierry Baudet, the leader of Forum for Democracy, was attending an event in the city of Groningen when the attack occurred. Videos circulating on social media captured the moment when the assailant lunged at Baudet in a bar, before being overpowered and taken away. Baudet was subsequently taken to a hospital for treatment after being hit on the back of the head and next to his eye. While the motive behind the attack is still under investigation, Baudet’s party has assured the public that he is expected to recover. This incident adds to the growing tension and controversy surrounding the upcoming election in the Netherlands.

Thierry Baudet, Leader of Far-Right Dutch Populist Party, Assaulted with Beer Bottle

Far-Right Dutch Populist Party Leader Assaulted with Beer Bottle Days Before Election

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Assault Occurs Two Days Before General Election

On November 20, 2023, Thierry Baudet, the leader of the far-right Dutch populist party called Forum for Democracy, was assaulted at an event in the northern city of Groningen. This incident took place just two days before the Netherlands was scheduled to hold its general election. The timing of the assault has raised concerns about its potential impact on the election outcome.


Baudet Taken to Hospital After the Attack

Following the assault, Thierry Baudet was immediately taken to a hospital in Groningen for medical treatment. The party released a statement on X, stating that Baudet was hit on the back of the head and next to his eye with a beer bottle. However, they reassured the public that it appeared that he would be fine. Baudet received treatment from a trauma surgeon, and it is still unclear how severe his injuries are.

Video Footage Shows the Moment of the Attack

Video footage of the incident circulating on social media captured the exact moment of the assault. In the video, Baudet can be seen inside a bar when his attacker lunges at him. The party’s security team quickly intervened and removed Baudet from the scene, while the assailant was overpowered. The release of this footage has enabled law enforcement authorities to gather evidence and investigate the incident further.

Arrest Made in Connection with the Assault

Law enforcement authorities swiftly arrested a person believed to be involved in the assault on Thierry Baudet. The suspect is currently in custody, and an investigation is ongoing to determine their motive for the attack. Police spokesman Thijs de Jong has mentioned that Baudet was hit on the head, possibly with an object. However, no further details have been disclosed regarding the suspect or their intentions.

Investigation into Motive of the Attack

The motive behind the assault on Thierry Baudet remains under investigation. Authorities are exploring all possible reasons that may have led to this attack. Given Baudet’s political background and the timing of the assault, there is speculation of a potential political motivation. However, no conclusive findings have been reported yet, and the investigation is ongoing.

Impact on Baudet’s Health and Security

In light of the assault, the party made the decision to cancel an event that was planned for later the same day in another city. This cancellation was done to prioritize Baudet’s well-being and ensure his safety. Concerns have been raised about the effect of the assault on Baudet’s health and his ability to continue campaigning in the remaining days before the general election. It is crucial to address these concerns to safeguard his physical and mental well-being.

Baudet’s Political Career and Party Background

Thierry Baudet is a prominent figure in Dutch politics, known for leading the far-right populist party Forum for Democracy. The party gained significant attention in the 2019 provincial elections, where it emerged as the winner with over 1 million votes. Despite internal issues and discontent within the party, Forum for Democracy currently holds five seats in the 150-seat lower house of the Dutch parliament. Baudet’s leadership has seen both successes and challenges, shaping the trajectory of the party.


Forum for Democracy’s Performance in Previous Elections

Forum for Democracy’s performance in previous elections provides important context for understanding the potential impact of the assault on Baudet and his party. In the 2019 provincial elections, the party achieved remarkable success, positioning itself as a major player in Dutch politics. The number of seats held by Forum for Democracy in the Dutch parliament has solidified its presence in the political landscape. However, the party has also faced challenges and internal issues that have tested its stability and public perception.

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Poll Predictions for Forum for Democracy in the Current Election

With the general election just days away, poll predictions have become a key focus for analyzing the potential impact of the assault on Baudet and Forum for Democracy. A poll published on Monday night projected that Forum for Democracy would secure between three and five seats in the upcoming election. These predictions highlight the party’s continued relevance and influence, even amidst recent controversies and internal divisions. It remains to be seen how the assault on Baudet will affect these poll predictions and the party’s overall performance.

Previous Incidents of Assault on Baudet

This recent assault on Baudet is not the first instance where he has been targeted. In a similar incident, Baudet was hit on the head with an umbrella at an event in the Belgian city of Ghent just a month prior. The recurrence of such assaults on a prominent politician raises concerns about the safety and protection of public figures. Authorities must address these incidents seriously and ensure the necessary measures are in place to prevent further acts of violence.

In conclusion, the assault on Thierry Baudet, the leader of the far-right Dutch populist party Forum for Democracy, has raised significant concerns about the potential impact on the upcoming general election. It is imperative that the investigation into the motive of the attack is conducted thoroughly and transparently. Ensuring Baudet’s health and security is of paramount importance, as attacks on public figures undermine the democratic process. Ultimately, the electorate will determine the consequences of this assault in their decision-making process during the election.

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