Former Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif’s Conviction Overturned ahead of Parliamentary Election

December 13, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a significant turn of events for Pakistani politics, the Islamabad High Court has overturned the 2018 conviction of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a corruption case. This decision clears the way for Sharif to run in the upcoming parliamentary election set to take place in February. The court’s verdict, which came after Sharif filed an appeal in October, is seen as a boost to his political future and a blow to his rival Imran Khan, who is currently serving a three-year sentence for corruption. With his party welcoming the verdict, Sharif’s exoneration marks a pivotal moment in his political journey and raises questions about the stability of Pakistan’s political landscape.

Former Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharifs Conviction Overturned ahead of Parliamentary Election

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Former Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif’s Conviction Overturned ahead of Parliamentary Election

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s conviction in a graft case has been overturned by the Islamabad High Court, clearing the way for him to run in the upcoming parliamentary election. The court’s unusually quick ruling and his acquittal in another graft case have significant implications for Sharif’s political future and the electoral landscape in Pakistan. This article will explore the background of Sharif’s previous conviction, the court’s verdict on his appeal, and the reactions from his political party. It will also examine Sharif’s political campaign, the situation of his rival Imran Khan, and the potential impact of these developments on the parliamentary election.



Nawaz Sharif, the three-time former premier of Pakistan, was convicted in a graft case in 2018 after stepping down as prime minister. He was sentenced to seven years and ten years in prison in two separate cases. However, he returned to Pakistan in October after four years of self-exile abroad, and since then, there have been significant developments in his legal battle.

Court overturns Sharif’s conviction

The Islamabad High Court announced its verdict on Sharif’s appeal in October, overturning his previous conviction. This decision came as a surprise to many, as courts in Pakistan tend to take much longer to issue such rulings. The court’s quick action raises questions about the underlying reasons for the reversal of Sharif’s conviction.

Moreover, this was not the only acquittal Sharif received recently. On November 29, the same court acquitted him in another graft case, further strengthening his position and paving the way for his political comeback.

Reaction from Sharif’s political party

Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League party celebrated the court’s verdict, claiming that it vindicates their leader and allows him to participate in the upcoming parliamentary election. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Sharif’s spokesperson, emphasized the significance of the court’s ruling, stating that it exposes the false nature of the cases against Sharif. The party now sees a clear path for Sharif’s political future and hopes to capitalize on his exoneration in the electoral campaign.

Sharif’s political future

The court’s decision to overturn Sharif’s conviction has significant implications for his political future. It puts him in a favorable position compared to his rival Imran Khan, who is currently serving a three-year sentence for corruption. Khan’s imprisonment and multiple charges filed against him have weakened his political standing, while Sharif’s acquittal has revived his political hopes.

Comparison with rival Imran Khan

Imran Khan, a former popular cricket star-turned-politician, succeeded Sharif as prime minister in the 2018 parliamentary election. However, his tenure was cut short when he was ousted in a no-confidence vote in April 2022. Despite his imprisonment, Khan remains a prominent opposition figure in Pakistan and his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, enjoys a large following.


Popularity and following of Khan’s party

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party has gained significant popularity in recent years, with many supporters drawn to Khan’s charismatic leadership style and promises of anti-corruption measures. However, with Khan’s imprisonment and the acquittal of Sharif, the electoral dynamics may shift. The public’s reaction to these developments will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the parliamentary election.

Implications for the parliamentary election

The court’s decision to overturn Sharif’s conviction and his subsequent participation in the parliamentary election will undoubtedly impact the political landscape in Pakistan. Sharif’s exoneration will boost his party’s morale and potentially attract voters who view him as a victim of political persecution. The ruling also signifies a shift in the balance of power, as Sharif’s comeback poses a challenge to Khan and his party’s electoral prospects.

Sharif’s political campaign

With the legal obstacles removed, Sharif now has a clear path to run in the parliamentary election. His party will likely focus on highlighting the injustice of his previous conviction and leveraging his leadership experience in their campaign strategy. Sharif’s political comeback will undoubtedly energize his supporters and challenge Khan’s dominance in the opposition.

Potential impact of Sharif’s participation

Sharif’s participation in the election has the potential to sway undecided voters and fracture the opposition’s vote share. His exoneration and the subsequent media coverage will likely generate both support and controversy. The impact of his campaign, the reaction from the public, and the response from Khan’s party will determine the outcome of the parliamentary election.

Khan’s situation

Imran Khan’s imprisonment on corruption charges has put his party in a challenging position. While he remains a popular figure among his supporters, the loss of his leadership and the negative perception associated with his imprisonment could undermine his party’s campaign.

Consequences of Khan’s imprisonment

Khan’s absence from the political arena gives Sharif an opportunity to regain his position as the main alternative to the ruling party. Without Khan’s charismatic presence, the opposition may struggle to maintain its unity and appeal to the voters. Khan’s imprisonment is likely to be a significant talking point in the electoral campaign, with his party trying to portray him as a victim of political vendetta.

Impact on his party’s campaign

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party will face challenges in convincing voters of its credibility and ability to govern in Khan’s absence. The absence of its leader during such a crucial time may weaken the party’s electoral prospects. However, the party still enjoys a significant following, and its core supporters may remain loyal. The party’s success in maintaining its voter base and swaying undecided voters will be critical in determining its outcome in the parliamentary election.

Public reaction

The public’s response to Sharif’s acquittal and Khan’s imprisonment will shape the electoral landscape in Pakistan. Supporters of Sharif may view his exoneration as a triumph of justice, while Khan’s followers may perceive his imprisonment as an attempt to silence him. The public’s sentiment towards these political figures will influence their decision at the ballot box and have long-term consequences for the country’s political future.

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International response

The international community will also closely monitor the developments in Pakistan’s parliamentary election. Many countries have a vested interest in the stability and democratic transition of Pakistan. The reaction of foreign governments, organizations, and media to Sharif’s acquittal and Khan’s imprisonment could impact bilateral relations and influence the political discourse within Pakistan.


The Islamabad High Court’s decision to overturn Nawaz Sharif’s conviction in a graft case has transformed the political landscape in Pakistan ahead of the parliamentary election. Sharif’s exoneration and the legal challenges faced by his rival Imran Khan have significant implications for the electoral campaign, the opposition’s unity, and the country’s political future. The public’s reaction and international responses will shape the outcome of the election and the course of Pakistani politics in the coming years.

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