Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

October 20, 2023 | by b1og.net


Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

In a tragic turn of events, friends are gathering to pay tribute to a newlywed couple who were killed during their honeymoon in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. David and Celia Barlow, along with their guide, were attacked and their vehicle set on fire after their lives were senselessly taken. Described as pillars of their community and dearly loved by all who knew them, the couple’s untimely death has left their friends and acquaintances bewildered and grief-stricken. As authorities pursue the suspected culprits, the local community and beyond mourn the loss of this beloved couple, remembering them for their genuine kindness and remarkable contributions to society.

Friends Pay Tribute to Honeymoon Couple Killed in Uganda

Friends and members of the community are paying tribute to a couple from Hampstead Norreys, near Newbury in Berkshire, who were tragically killed along with their guide during their honeymoon in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. The couple, identified as David and Celia Barlow, were beloved members of the community and their loss has left a deep void. The incident has prompted an outpouring of condolences and grief from those who knew and loved them.

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Context and Background

The couple’s identity has been confirmed as David and Celia Barlow, who hailed from the village of Hampstead Norreys. This small community is now grappling with the shocking news of their deaths, as they were well-known and respected members of the community.

The police investigation into the incident is ongoing, with authorities suspecting the involvement of rebels. The Ugandan police have reported that the couple’s vehicle was set on fire after they were killed, indicating a deliberate and targeted attack.

Amidst the tragedy, the UK Foreign Office has issued updated travel advice for Uganda, urging caution for British nationals traveling to the country.

Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

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Friends and Community Remember the Couple

The news of David and Celia Barlow’s untimely demise has deeply affected their friends and the community they called home. The Hampstead Norreys Cricket Club, of which Mr. Barlow was a member, expressed their deep sorrow at the loss of their beloved friend. The club highlighted the couple’s presence and the void they have left behind.


The local Parish Council also mourned the loss of Mr. Barlow, who was an exceptional chairman and served the council for over a decade. Their statement emphasized his commitment to the community and his dedication to meeting its needs.

Members of the community and villagers have also come forward to express their shock and sadness at the tragic incident. They remember the couple fondly and recount the positive impact they had on the community.

Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

Tributes to David and Celia Barlow

The church warden at St Mary’s Church in Hampstead Norreys, Richard Davies, delivered an emotional statement in which he expressed the community’s grief and disbelief at the couple’s death. Words, he said, cannot adequately capture the depth of their reaction to this devastating news.

The travel company Belmond, for whom Celia Barlow worked, paid tribute to her as a true pioneer and respected leader in the industry. They mourned her loss and the immense contributions she made during her career.

The Hampstead Norreys Cricket Club affectionately remembered David Barlow as “Lord Barlow,” a testimony to his warm and endearing personality. They reiterated the deep impact he had on their community and expressed their sadness at his loss.

Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

Remembering Dave Barlow

David Barlow, fondly known as “Lord Barlow” within the community, was described by many as a genuine and approachable person. Community members and officials recall spending time with him at the local pub, enjoying a beer and engaging in friendly conversations. He was known for his down-to-earth nature and his easy accessibility.

Toby Harris, a member of the village parish council, shared a personal reflection on Mr. Barlow, emphasizing his genuine character and the positive experiences they shared. Mr. Barlow’s presence in the community will be greatly missed, leaving behind a void that cannot be easily filled.

Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

Ugandan President and UK Minister Offer Condolences

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni expressed his condolences and offered support to the families of the murdered couple. He assured the public that the Ugandan High Commission in the UK would provide assistance to the grieving families.

Andrew Mitchell, the UK Minister of State for Development and Africa, also expressed shock and sadness over the horrific attack. He extended his thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, while advising British nationals in Uganda to follow the travel advice provided.

Friends pay tribute to honeymoon couple killed in Uganda

Police Investigation and Terrorist Attack

Details of the attack that took place in Queen Elizabeth National Park have emerged, shedding light on the tragic incident. The suspected rebel group responsible for the attack is the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an IS-linked Islamist group with its roots in Uganda. The joint efforts of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have intensified in recent months to target and combat this militant group.

The UK Foreign Office has updated its travel advisory for Uganda in light of the attack. It warns against all but essential travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park and advises individuals in the area to follow the advice of local security authorities and consider leaving safely if possible.

The Foreign Office is also providing consular assistance to the family of the British national who lost their life in the attack. They emphasize the importance of British nationals in the area following the travel advice given and reaching out for assistance if needed.

In the wake of this tragedy, both the Ugandan and UK governments are taking measures to investigate the incident, ensure the safety of their citizens, and prevent further attacks.

This devastating event has shaken the community of Hampstead Norreys and garnered national attention. The loss of David and Celia Barlow will be deeply felt, but their memory and the impact they made in their community will live on. As investigations into this tragic incident continue, it serves as a reminder of the need for heightened security and caution in areas with active rebel groups. The thoughts and prayers of many are with the families and loved ones of David and Celia Barlow during this difficult time.

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