How To Draw A Soccer Ball

October 1, 2023 | by b1og.net


How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Ready to learn how to draw a soccer ball? In this article, you’ll find step-by-step instructions that will help you create a realistic and eye-catching representation of this beloved sports icon. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a soccer fan, or simply looking for a fun and creative activity, grab your pencil and let’s get started on this artistic adventure!

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

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Materials Needed

To draw a soccer ball, you will need some basic materials. Make sure you have the following items before you begin:



Choose a blank sheet of paper that is suitable for drawing. It should be smooth and sturdy enough to hold your drawing without tearing or smudging.


A reliable pencil is essential for sketching and outlining your soccer ball. Pick a pencil with a sharp point that allows for precise lines and shading.


Mistakes happen, even to the best artists. Having a good eraser on hand will help you correct any errors or remove unwanted lines easily.


A ruler is useful for creating straight and accurate lines. It will come in handy when dividing the circle and drawing the hexagon pattern.

Understanding the Basic Shape

Before diving into the intricacies of drawing a soccer ball, it’s important to understand the basic shape. Follow these steps to get started:

Draw a circle

Begin by drawing a perfect circle in the center of your paper. Use your pencil and a gentle touch to ensure a smooth outline.


Divide the circle in half

Using your ruler, draw a straight line horizontally across the circle. This line will serve as a dividing point for later steps.

Divide the circle into quarters

Next, draw two vertical lines that intersect with the horizontal line you just created. These lines will divide the circle into four equal parts.

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Drawing a Hexagon Pattern

The hexagon pattern forms the foundation of the soccer ball design. Follow these steps to create the pattern:

Draw a horizontal line through the center

Using your ruler, draw a horizontal line across the circle, passing through the dividing point. This line will act as a guide for the hexagon pattern.

Draw two diagonal lines through the center

Starting from the top and bottom points where the horizontal line intersects the circle, draw two diagonal lines that meet in the center of the circle. These lines should form an X shape.

Connect the ends of the diagonal lines with a straight line

To complete the hexagon pattern, connect the ends of the diagonal lines with a straight line. This line should pass through the center of the circle and create a hexagon shape.

Adding the Pentagons

Now it’s time to add the pentagons to the soccer ball design. Follow these steps:

Draw two pentagons on the left side of the hexagon

On the left side of the hexagon, draw two pentagons. These pentagons should be positioned in a way that they touch the outer border of the hexagon and one of their vertices aligns with a vertex of the hexagon.

Mirror the pentagons on the right side

To create symmetry, mirror the pentagons you just drew on the left side and replicate them on the right side. Ensure that the distance and alignment match the pentagons on the left side.

Connect the top corners of the pentagons with a curved line

To complete the shape of the soccer ball, draw a curved line that connects the top corners of the pentagons. This line should have a gentle curve and blend seamlessly with the rest of the design.

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Outlining the Sections

Now that the basic shape is complete, it’s time to outline the sections of the soccer ball. Follow these steps:

Sketch a curved line around each hexagon

Using your pencil, lightly sketch a curved line around each hexagon. This line should follow the shape of the hexagon and emphasize its boundaries.

Add curved lines around the pentagons

Similarly, sketch curved lines around the pentagons to define their shape within the soccer ball design. These lines should follow the curves of the pentagons and blend with the rest of the design.

Erase unnecessary lines

Take your eraser and carefully remove any unnecessary lines that are not part of the final design. This step will clean up the drawing and make the sections more defined.

Adding the Trademark Design

To make the soccer ball more authentic, you can add a trademark design. Follow these steps to incorporate this detail:

Draw a small circle in the center of a hexagon

Choose one of the hexagons, preferably in the top or bottom row, and draw a small circle in its center. This circle will act as the base for the trademark design.

Add curved lines around the small circle

Around the small circle, draw a few curved lines that radiate outwards. These lines can intersect with each other and should add depth and texture to the trademark design.

Erase any overlapping lines

After completing the curved lines, use your eraser to carefully remove any overlapping lines or unwanted marks. This will ensure a clean and well-defined trademark design.

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Finalizing the Details

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your soccer ball drawing. Follow these steps:

Darken the outlines of the sections

Using your pencil, darken the outlines of the sections, including the hexagons and pentagons. This step will make them more prominent and help create a realistic look.

Add shading to create depth

With a gentle touch, add shading to the sections of the soccer ball. The shading should be darker in areas that are farther from the light source, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Clean up any smudges

Check your drawing for any smudges or accidental marks. Use a clean eraser or a soft cloth to carefully remove any unwanted smudges.

Adding Color

Now comes the fun part – adding color to your soccer ball. Follow these steps to bring your drawing to life:

Choose a color for each section of the soccer ball

Decide on a color scheme for your soccer ball. You can go with traditional black and white or get creative with different color combinations.

Fill in the sections with the chosen colors

Using colored pencils or markers, carefully fill in each section of the soccer ball with the chosen colors. Take your time to stay within the boundaries and create a clean and vibrant look.

Blend the colors together for a seamless look

If you want a smoother transition between the colors, use a blending tool such as a blending stump or a cotton swab to blend the colors together. This will give your soccer ball a more seamless and polished appearance.

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Optional Step: Background

If you want to take your soccer ball drawing to the next level, you can consider adding a background. Follow these steps to incorporate a background:

Decide on a background for your soccer ball

Think about the setting or theme you want for your soccer ball drawing. It could be a soccer field, a stadium, or any other backdrop that enhances the overall composition.

Draw or paint the background around the ball

Using your art supplies, carefully draw or paint the background around the soccer ball. Pay attention to perspective and details to create a realistic and immersive scene.

Add any additional details to enhance the overall composition

To add more depth and interest to your drawing, you can include additional details in the background. This could be players, fans, flags, or any elements that enhance the soccer ball theme.

Practice and Experiment

Drawing a soccer ball can be a challenging task, but with practice, you can improve your skills and create unique designs. Here are some tips to help you hone your drawing abilities:

Keep practicing to improve your skills

Drawing requires practice, so keep at it. The more you draw soccer balls or other subjects, the better you’ll become. Try to draw at least a little every day to build your skills and confidence.

Try different variations of soccer ball designs

Once you feel comfortable with the basic soccer ball design, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different patterns, color schemes, and additional details to create unique variations of the soccer ball.

Explore different drawing techniques

There are various drawing techniques you can explore to add depth and texture to your soccer ball. From cross-hatching to stippling, research and experiment with different techniques to find your preferred style.

Remember, drawing is a form of self-expression and creativity. Have fun with it, embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, and enjoy the process of bringing your soccer ball drawings to life!

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