Iran sends capsule into orbit with animals as it prepares for human missions

December 8, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a major step towards Iran’s goal of sending human astronauts into space, the country has successfully launched a capsule into orbit capable of carrying animals. The capsule was launched 130 kilometers into orbit, according to Telecommunications Minister Isa Zarepour. While it is unclear whether any animals were aboard the capsule, Iran has plans to conduct further tests involving animals before sending astronauts into space by 2029. This latest development follows Iran’s previous success in launching a data-collecting satellite into space and sending a monkey into orbit in 2013. With its ambitious satellite program, Iran aims to conduct scientific research and civilian applications, although it has faced suspicion from Western countries regarding the dual-use potential for developing long-range missiles.

Iran sends capsule into orbit with animals as it prepares for human missions

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Introduction to Iran’s capsule launch

On December 6, 2023, Iran made an exciting announcement – they successfully sent a capsule into orbit capable of carrying animals. This milestone marks Iran’s progress as they prepare for future human missions in space. The capsule launch signifies a significant step forward in Iran’s space exploration ambitions and demonstrates their commitment to furthering scientific research and advancing their space program.


Details of the capsule launch

Launch location

The exact launch location of the capsule was not disclosed in the reports. However, it is known that Iran usually conducts its launches from the Imam Khomenei Space Center in the northern Semnan province. This center serves as a hub for Iran’s space activities and has been instrumental in the country’s previous satellite launches.

Rocket and capsule specifications

The rocket responsible for carrying the capsule was named Salman. Though specific details about the rocket’s technical specifications were not provided, the successful launch of the capsule showcases Iran’s growing expertise in rocketry. The capsule itself weighed 500 kilograms (1,000 pounds), indicating its capacity to carry living beings, such as animals, and potentially astronauts in the future.

Objective of the launch

The primary objective of this capsule launch was to pave the way for future manned missions from Iran. By sending a capsule into orbit and successfully retrieving it, Iran is furthering its understanding of space travel and the challenges associated with it. It also serves as a crucial step in gathering the necessary data and conducting tests to ensure the safety and success of future human missions.

Iran’s plans for human missions

Timeline for sending astronauts into space

Iran has set an ambitious goal of sending its first astronauts into space by 2029. This timeline demonstrates Iran’s determination to join the ranks of other space-faring nations who have successfully launched humans beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. By setting a clear deadline, Iran is instilling a sense of urgency and motivation to work towards achieving this significant milestone.

Further tests involving animals

Before undertaking human missions, Iran plans to conduct further tests involving animals. These tests serve as crucial experiments to assess the physiological and psychological impacts of space travel on living organisms. By studying the effects on animals, scientists can gather invaluable data and make necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and well-being of future Iranian astronauts.

Footage of rocket named Salman

State TV released footage showcasing the rocket named Salman, which carried the capsule into orbit. This exciting footage provides a glimpse into Iran’s advancements in rocket technology and their capacity to launch payloads into space. The footage offers an insight into the scale and complexity of the mission, further exemplifying Iran’s commitment to its space program.


Iran’s previous space achievements

Satellite launches for scientific research

Iran has previously made significant strides in space exploration. In September, they announced the successful launch of a data-collecting satellite, highlighting their commitment to scientific research. These satellites play a critical role in advancing various fields of study, such as meteorology, communications, and environmental monitoring.

Suspicion and concerns from Western countries

Iran’s space program has faced suspicions and concerns from Western countries. The technology employed in satellite launches can be dual-use, capable of supporting the development of long-range missiles. However, Iran maintains that their program is solely aimed at peaceful scientific endeavors. By transparently sharing their achievements and plans, Iran hopes to alleviate any doubts and foster international cooperation.

Unveiling of secret space program in 2020

In 2020, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard revealed the existence of the country’s first military satellite, unveiling what experts described as a secret space program. This revelation further highlights Iran’s determination to protect its national security interests and underscores the multidimensional nature of their space program. The unveiling served as a reminder of the complexities and strategic considerations in space exploration.

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Iran’s successful launch of a capsule into orbit with animals on board marks a significant milestone in their space program. With ambitions to send astronauts into space within the next decade, Iran’s dedication and progress in space exploration are evident. By conducting further tests involving animals, Iran is prioritizing safety and ensuring the success of their future human missions. Despite international suspicions, Iran asserts that its satellite program is for peaceful scientific research. As they continue to make advancements in space technology, Iran remains committed to fostering international cooperation and collaboration in the pursuit of scientific exploration beyond Earth’s boundaries.

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