Japan concerned about US Osprey aircraft continuing to fly without details of crash

December 3, 2023 | by b1og.net


Japan expressed concern about the U.S. military’s decision to continue flying Osprey aircraft in the country following a fatal crash. The crash, which occurred during a training mission, resulted in the death of one crew member, with seven others still missing. Japan has suspended flights of its own Osprey aircraft while the search for the missing crew members continues. The U.S. has not provided adequate information about the crash, leading to concerns about the safety of the aircraft. While the Pentagon stated that Ospreys are still operating in Japan, it clarified that the five Ospreys involved in the crash are not currently flying. Japanese officials have requested a halt to Osprey flights until the safety of the aircraft is confirmed. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Japan concerned about US Osprey aircraft continuing to fly without details of crash

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Concerns over Lack of Information

Japan is expressing concerns over the lack of information provided by the US military regarding the recent crash of an Osprey aircraft. The crash occurred off the coast of southern Japan and resulted in the death of one crew member, with seven others still missing. Despite this tragic incident, US Osprey aircraft are still being flown in Japan without a sufficient explanation from the military. The Japanese government has requested that the aircraft be grounded until more information is provided.


Details of the Crash

The crash involved an Osprey aircraft during a training mission. One crew member, identified as Staff Sgt. Jacob Galliher of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was unfortunately killed in the incident. There are currently seven crew members still missing. So far, one set of remains has been recovered. The search and rescue operations are ongoing, with a combination of air, surface, and subsurface searches being conducted in the vicinity of Yakushima, Japan.

Continued Operations

Despite the crash and the ongoing search and rescue operations, US Osprey aircraft are still being flown in Japan. This has raised concerns among the Japanese government, as they feel the lack of information provided by the US military is insufficient. The Japanese government has made a formal request to ground the Ospreys until a thorough investigation can be conducted and more information is provided. Communication between the US and Japanese governments is ongoing to address this issue.

Current Status of Ospreys

Following the crash, the remaining five Ospreys from the squadron involved have been grounded and are not currently flying. However, it is important to note that the majority of Ospreys in Japan are operated by the US Marine Corps and are still in operation. Despite this, the US military has pledged to share accident information with their Japanese partners in a timely and transparent manner. This is an ongoing process as the search for the missing crew members continues.

Tributes to Fallen Crew Member

Staff Sgt. Jacob Galliher, who tragically lost his life in the Osprey crash, is being honored and remembered with tributes. Galliher, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school and dedicated himself to serving his country. His body has been recovered, and his family, community, and the nation are mourning his loss. Congressman Richard Neal expressed his condolences to Galliher’s family and praised his dedication to serving the nation.

Safety Concerns

The latest crash of an Osprey aircraft in Japan has rekindled safety concerns surrounding these aircraft. Ospreys have had a history of crashes, and this incident has further raised concerns about their safety. Japanese officials have requested the suspension of Osprey flights in Japan, citing the need to ensure the safety of these aircraft. Measures are being taken for Osprey flights in Japan, and the US military has been urged to provide sufficient information and transparency regarding safety protocols.

Government Actions

In response to the crash, the Japanese Defense Minister, Minoru Kihara, met with the commander of US Forces Japan, Lt. Gen. Ricky Rupp, to discuss the safety of Osprey aircraft. The defense minister requested that flights be allowed only after the aircraft’s safety is confirmed. The Japanese Foreign Minister, Yoko Kamikawa, also met with the US Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, and urged the United States to promptly provide information regarding the crash. The number of Ospreys deployed in Japan is currently being assessed, and the governor of Okinawa has requested the suspension of all Osprey flights in Japan.


Location and Deployment of Crashed Osprey

The crashed Osprey aircraft had departed from the US Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture and was on its way to Kadena Air Base on Okinawa. The crash occurred off the coast of southwestern Japan. It is important to note that there are a total of 44 Ospreys deployed at US and Japanese military bases in Japan. Yokota Air Base is home to six Ospreys, which are operated by U.S. Forces Japan and the Fifth Air Force. Additionally, there is a presence of Ospreys in Okinawa.

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Contributors to the Story

This article includes contributions from Tara Copp and Michael Casey, who have provided valuable information regarding the crash of the Osprey aircraft and the ongoing developments in Japan. Their insights have helped shed light on the concerns and actions of both the US and Japanese governments in response to this incident.

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