Police arrest director of Miss Nicaragua pageant for ‘beauty queen coup’ plot

December 3, 2023 | by b1og.net


Imagine the high-stakes drama of a vintage James Bond movie, set in a world of beauty queens, coup plots, and a repressive government. That’s the captivating tale unfolding in Nicaragua, where the director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant has been charged with deliberately rigging contests to ensure that anti-government beauty queens take the crown. It all started when Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, won the Miss Universe competition, causing a temporary moment of pride for the government. However, things quickly turned sour when it was revealed that Palacios had participated in anti-government protests. Now, the director and her family face charges of treason, and the whole nation is caught up in a whirlwind of political intrigue and public celebration.

Police arrest director of Miss Nicaragua pageant for ‘beauty queen coup’ plot

Police arrest director of Miss Nicaragua pageant for beauty queen coup plot

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Charges against pageant director Karen Celebertti

The Nicaraguan police have announced their intention to arrest Karen Celebertti, the director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant. She is being accused of deliberately manipulating the pageant contests to ensure that anti-government beauty queens would win, as part of a larger plot to overthrow the government. The charges against Celebertti are serious and reminiscent of a storyline from a James Bond movie.


Background on Miss Nicaragua’s win

On November 18, Sheynnis Palacios, representing Nicaragua, won the prestigious Miss Universe competition. At first, the government of President Daniel Ortega celebrated her victory as a moment of “legitimate joy and pride.” However, the mood quickly shifted when it was discovered that Palacios had participated in the mass anti-government protests in 2018 and had even posted photos of herself on Facebook attending the demonstrations.

Accusations against Celebertti

The National Police have accused Karen Celebertti of actively participating in the “terrorist actions of a failed coup,” referring to the 2018 protests. Allegedly, Celebertti had contact with traitors and conspired to use the beauty pageant platform to create political traps and ambushes funded by foreign agents. Celebertti managed to evade the police when she was denied entry into the country, but there are reports that her husband and son have been taken into custody. They all face charges of “treason to the motherland.”

Reaction from the government

The government of Daniel Ortega did not take Palacios’ win and her association with the anti-government protests lightly. Ordinary Nicaraguans, who are typically forbidden to protest or display the national flag, took to the streets to celebrate the rare moment of pride. Their use of the blue-and-white national flag, rather than the government’s red-and-black Sandinista banner, further angered the regime. Vice President and First Lady Rosario Murillo condemned opposition social media sites that celebrated Palacios’ win as a victory against the government, accusing them of promoting destructive coup-mongering.

Closure of universities and crackdown on opposition

In response to the protests in 2018 and the ongoing opposition to the Ortega regime, the government has taken severe measures to suppress dissent. The Jesuit University of Central America, known for its involvement in the protests, was seized and closed down, along with more than 26 other Nicaraguan universities. Additionally, over 3,000 civic groups and non-governmental organizations have been outlawed or shut down. The government has arrested and expelled opponents, stripped their citizenship, and confiscated their assets. This crackdown has forced thousands of Nicaraguans into exile.

Miss Nicaragua’s comments on mental health and gender equality

During the Miss Universe contest, Sheynnis Palacios spoke about her personal struggles with anxiety and her desire to promote mental health awareness. She also expressed her goal of working towards closing the gender pay gap. These statements resonated with many people and highlighted important social issues, making her win even more significant.

Palacios’ participation in the 2018 protests

The revelation of Palacios’ participation in the 2018 protests added a layer of controversy to her victory. Some who attended the protests remember seeing Palacios, a tall and striking figure, among the demonstrators. On a now-deleted Facebook account allegedly belonging to her, Palacios expressed her initial fear of participating in the protests.


The controversy surrounding Palacios’ win

Palacios’ win not only brought attention to her personal experiences and causes but also reignited a polarizing debate within Nicaragua. Supporters of the government criticized her involvement in the 2018 protests and accused her of being part of a larger anti-government conspiracy. On the other hand, many Nicaraguans, forbidden from publicly demonstrating against the regime, saw her victory as a rare opportunity to express their discontent and celebrate their identity through the national flag.

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Current status of the director and her family

While Karen Celebertti managed to elude the authorities, reports suggest that her husband and son have been taken into custody. The family now faces serious charges of treason to the motherland. Celebertti, her husband, and son have yet to publicly address the accusations against them.

Final thoughts

The arrest of the director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant and the subsequent accusations of a “beauty queen coup” plot have stirred up a mix of emotions and controversy within Nicaragua. The government’s response to Sheynnis Palacios’ win and her association with the protests highlights the increasing repression and crackdown on dissent in the country. Meanwhile, the situation surrounding the director and her family remains uncertain. As the story unfolds, it is crucial to remember the importance of free expression, the right to peaceful protest, and the need to address social issues such as mental health and gender equality.

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