Romanian Yoga Guru and 14 Others Face Preliminary Charges in International Sex Sect Case

December 4, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a shocking case that has captured international attention, a 71-year-old Romanian yoga guru named Gregorian Bivolaru and 14 others have been slapped with preliminary charges by a Paris magistrate in connection with an alleged international sex sect. The group, known as the Atman yoga federation, is accused of subjecting followers who sought enlightenment to years of sexual exploitation. Bivolaru and another suspect are facing a long list of charges, including human trafficking and rape. The arrests, which took place in the Paris region, marked the end of a six-year manhunt and uncovered 26 victims who had been living in deplorable conditions. With an investigation underway, the question now remains whether these preliminary charges will lead to formal indictments and a trial.

Romanian Yoga Guru and 14 Others Face Preliminary Charges in International Sex Sect Case

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Preliminary Charges in International Sex Sect Case

A shocking case of alleged sexual exploitation and coercion has come to light, involving a 71-year-old Romanian yoga guru, Gregorian Bivolaru, and 14 other individuals. These individuals have been handed preliminary charges by a Paris magistrate on various counts related to an international ring that has reportedly subjected followers seeking enlightenment to sexual exploitation. The charges include human trafficking, kidnapping, sequestration, rape, and abusing the weakness of a group.


Romanian Yoga Guru and 14 Others Face Charges

The Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed that out of the 15 people interrogated, six have been ordered to be held while nine others have been freed under judicial surveillance. Although the identities of the individuals have not been disclosed, it has been revealed that Gregorian Bivolaru is among the two facing the longest list of charges. The remaining suspects have also been charged, albeit in a trimmed-down version. The next step in the legal process is an investigation to determine whether these preliminary charges will lead to a formal indictment and a trial.

Investigation and Possible Indictment

After a six-year manhunt spanning several countries, the arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru and 40 others in the Paris region has brought this alleged sex sect case to the forefront. The police unit responsible for combating sect-related crimes rescued 26 individuals who were described as sect victims and were subjected to deplorable living conditions. These victims will be crucial in the ongoing investigation, which will determine whether the charges filed against Bivolaru and his associates will result in a formal indictment and subsequent trial.

Arrest and Manhunt

The arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru and the subsequent finding of 40 others involved in the alleged sex sect case have marked the end of a six-year-long manhunt. Law enforcement agencies from various countries collaborated to bring this international ring to justice. The arrest has provided hope for the victims who suffered under the control and manipulation of the alleged sex sect.

Allegations of Coercion and Sexual Exploitation

Accounts from alleged victims, as reported in the French media, paint a disturbing picture of Gregorian Bivolaru as a guru who coerced women into sexual relationships under the guise of spiritual elevation. These acts of abuse were allegedly committed over a span of decades and across different continents. The victims’ testimonies shed light on the devastating impact of the alleged sex sect, revealing a pattern of psychological and physical subjugation.

MISA and Atman Yoga Federation Response

MISA, previously known as the Movement for Spiritual Integration Toward the Absolute, and later renamed the Atman Yoga Federation, has responded to the allegations made against Gregorian Bivolaru and his associates. In a statement on their website, MISA dismissed the charges as part of a media campaign to discredit and defame Bivolaru since the 1990s. They labeled the accusations as absurd. Meanwhile, the Atman federation characterized the situation as a “witch hunt” and denied responsibility for the private lives of students and teachers at its member schools. They emphasized that some member schools had won cases at the European Court of Human Rights, highlighting alleged human rights violations against them.

Continued Legal Proceedings

With the preliminary charges now filed against Gregorian Bivolaru and 14 others, the legal process will continue to unfold. The ongoing investigation will delve deeper into the alleged sex sect’s activities, seeking evidence to support the charges and determine the culpability of each individual involved. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, a formal indictment and trial may be forthcoming, ensuring that justice is served for the victims.


European Scope of Alleged Abuse

The alleged sexual abuses associated with this case have extended beyond national borders, with reports indicating that they spanned various countries in Europe. In 2017, Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation issued an international arrest warrant for Gregorian Bivolaru on charges of aggravated human trafficking. Bivolaru’s presence in different countries, including his political refugee status in Sweden in 2005, has complicated legal proceedings against him. It is now evident that the impact of this alleged sex sect case extends far beyond France, affecting numerous individuals across Europe.

Presence in France

Although the exact duration of Gregorian Bivolaru’s activities in France remains unclear, the recent arrest of him and the subsequent discovery of individuals associated with the alleged sex sect reveal a significant presence in the country. The sex sect reportedly held yoga retreats in and around Paris, as well as in the southern Alpes-Maritimes region. These locations served as the organization’s ashrams, which, according to French judicial officials, were centers for indoctrination and sexual exploitation disguised as spiritual enlightenment.

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Longevity of Guru’s Activities

The alleged activities of Gregorian Bivolaru and his associates spanned decades, indicating a long history of abuse and manipulation. The guru’s career, which involved leading the Movement for Spiritual Integration Toward the Absolute and later the Atman Yoga Federation, provided him with the means to exert control over vulnerable individuals who sought spiritual guidance. The duration of his activities raises concerns about the number of potential victims who may have silently suffered under his influence.


The preliminary charges filed against Gregorian Bivolaru and 14 individuals involved in an alleged international sex sect mark an important milestone in the pursuit of justice for the victims. The charges, including human trafficking, kidnapping, rape, and abuse, shed light on the disturbing practices carried out under the guise of spiritual enlightenment. With the commencement of the legal proceedings, it is hoped that the truth will be unveiled, and those responsible for the alleged crimes will be held accountable. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding individuals from manipulation and exploitation, even within seemingly spiritual organizations.

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