Russia intensifies attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine

November 14, 2023 | by b1og.net


Russia intensifies attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine

In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, tensions have escalated as Russia intensifies its attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian military officials reported that Russian forces have increased their assaults near two crucial frontline cities, Bakhmut and Avdiivka. The Russian troops are attempting to regain lost territory and encircle Avdiivka, which has been a strategic target since the beginning of the war. Ukrainian forces have faced heavy losses in their counteroffensive, struggling to break through Russian lines and make significant gains. As the conflict continues, airstrikes and artillery barrages have intensified, resulting in casualties and damage to civilian areas. The situation remains volatile, with both sides engaged in a fierce struggle for control.

Russia intensifies attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine

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Russia Intensifies Attacks on Key Cities in Eastern Ukraine

Russian forces have recently intensified their attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine, according to reports from Ukrainian military officials. The aim of the attacks is to gain ground near two frontline cities that are strategically important. Currently, Russian forces are pushing to regain territory near Bakhmut, an eastern mining city that witnessed the bloodiest battle of the war before falling into Russian hands in May. Ukrainian troops had previously recaptured heights over Bakhmut and made advances west, north, and south of the city during the summer counteroffensive. However, Russian forces have now become more active, attempting to recapture previously lost positions. Despite this, Ukrainian troops have been successful in repelling enemy attacks.


Russian Push to Regain Territory near Bakhmut

Bakhmut is considered a significant focal point in the conflict, as it was the site of the war’s bloodiest battle. Russian forces managed to take control of the city in May, but Ukrainian troops have since recaptured heights and made advancements in the surrounding areas. Despite these gains, Russian forces have become more active in their attempts to recapture lost positions near Bakhmut. Although the enemy attacks are being repelled by Ukrainian forces, the situation remains tense in this region.

Incremental Gains and Heavy Losses for Ukrainian Troops

Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces has seen limited success so far. Ukrainian troops have been struggling to break through Russian lines in the south, facing heavy losses and little progress. Meanwhile, Russian forces have been increasing their activity in the northeast, likely as a distraction tactic to divert Ukrainian troops from the key southern and eastern battles. The focus for Ukrainian forces remains on pushing forward in the northeast and minimizing losses.

Russian Forces Press Forward in the Northeast

Russian forces have been attempting to expand their territory in the northeast of Ukraine. Their objective is to distract Ukrainian forces and reduce the number of troops available for key battles in the south. One of their main targets in this region is Avdiivka, a Ukrainian stronghold that holds strategic importance. Russian troops have been persistently trying to encircle Avdiivka, which serves as a gateway to parts of the eastern Donetsk region under Ukrainian control.

Russian Troops Continue to Encircle Avdiivka

Ukraine’s General Staff has reported the ongoing efforts of Russian troops to encircle Avdiivka. This process has been taking place for weeks, with Russian forces determined to capture the Ukrainian stronghold. Avdiivka’s strategic location as the gateway to the eastern Donetsk region makes it a key target for Russian forces. The encirclement efforts have been supported by the Russian air force, which has played a significant role in the assault.

Russian Air Force Plays a Key Part in the Assault

Gen. Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, leading Ukrainian troops in the fight against the Russian forces, has reported on the airstrikes and artillery barrages carried out by the attacking Russian troops. The airstrikes have been ramped up, with an emphasis on using guided bombs in targeted attacks. The Russian air force’s involvement has intensified the assault and posed a significant challenge for Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Blast in Occupied South

Ukraine’s intelligence agency has claimed responsibility for a powerful blast in the occupied south of the country. The blast occurred at the headquarters of the Russian occupation authorities in the city of Melitopol and resulted in the elimination of at least three officers serving with Russia’s National Guard. The explosion was carried out as an act of revenge by representatives of the local resistance movement, according to Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR). The attack took place during a meeting attended by National Guard officers and operatives from Russia’s main security agency, the FSB.


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Details of the Blast in Melitopol

Melitopol, a city in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia region, was captured by Russian troops early in the war. It is now located behind the southern front line as Ukraine continues its counteroffensive in Zaporizhzhia. The blast targeted the headquarters of the Russian occupation authorities in Melitopol. Russian authorities have not immediately responded to the Ukrainian claims, and the details of the attack could not be independently verified. Similar strikes within Russia will continue, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR).

Civilian Casualties and Damage in Kherson

Russian forces have been shelling the city of Kherson and its surrounding region, resulting in civilian casualties and damage. In one specific incident, a 64-year-old man was killed when Russian shells hit his yard. His wife was also injured and hospitalized. Russian forces have carried out at least 62 shelling attacks in Kherson and the surrounding region in the past 24 hours, causing injuries to four civilians and damaging a library in the city. Kherson has been targeted with near-daily attacks since its recapture by Ukraine a year ago. The ongoing violence continues to impact the local civilian population and infrastructure.

Overall, the situation in eastern Ukraine remains tense, with an escalation of attacks by Russian forces on key cities. Ukrainian troops are working to repel these attacks while maintaining a counteroffensive strategy. The involvement of the Russian air force and the persistence of Russian forces highlight the challenges faced by Ukrainian troops. The conflict continues to result in civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

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