Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel

October 15, 2023 | by b1og.net


Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel

In the midst of ongoing conflict in Israel, Yonatan Ziegen finds himself on a deeply personal mission – to search for his mother, Vivian Silver, a renowned peace activist who has gone missing. After receiving a text from his mother about an attack on her home, Yonatan embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind her disappearance. In this article, International Editor Jeremy Bowen accompanies Yonatan in his quest to find his mother, shedding light on the risks and uncertainty faced by peace campaigners in the region. Through Yonatan’s story, we gain insight into the devastating consequences of conflict on individuals and their families, and the unwavering determination to seek peace amidst chaos.

Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel

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Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel


In a distressing turn of events, Yonatan Ziegen, the son of renowned peace activist Vivian Silver, is currently searching for his mother, who has gone missing in Israel. This article sheds light on the background of Vivian’s activism, Yonatan’s efforts to locate her, the impact of Vivian’s activism, her sudden disappearance, the community response, media coverage, and the political implications surrounding this incident.


Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel

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Vivian Silver’s activism

Vivian Silver is a highly respected and influential peace campaigner, known for her tireless efforts to bring about harmony in Israel. Through her advocacy and activism, Silver has worked towards bridging the gap between Israeli and Palestinian communities, promoting understanding, and striving for a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in the region.

Kibbutz Be’eri attack

Silver’s disappearance followed an alarming incident in which she texted her son, Yonatan Ziegen, informing him that her home at the Kibbutz Be’eri had been attacked. This attack adds a layer of concern and urgency to the search for her whereabouts, as it remains unclear whether she was specifically targeted or if her disappearance is connected to the assault on the Kibbutz.

Yonatan’s search

Conversation with Jeremy Bowen

In an effort to understand and reconcile the events surrounding his mother’s disappearance, Yonatan Ziegen engaged in a conversation with Jeremy Bowen, the International Editor at the BBC. Together, they delved into the details of the incident and tried to uncover what might have transpired. Bowen’s expertise and insight proved invaluable during this crucial time.

Efforts to locate Vivian

Driven by a deep concern for his mother’s well-being, Yonatan has mobilized various resources and contacts to assist in his search. He has reached out to local authorities, peace organizations, and fellow activists who are familiar with Silver’s work. This collaborative effort aims to gather information and leads that could potentially lead to her safe return.


Awaiting news

As Yonatan continues his tireless search for his mother, he is consumed by a growing sense of anticipation and anxiety. Each passing day without any news brings forth a greater weight of worry. The entire community, as well as those who admire Vivian Silver’s work, eagerly await updates on her well-being.

Searching for my peace activist mother in Israel

The impact of Vivian’s activism

Peace campaigning in Israel

Vivian Silver’s activism has had a profound and far-reaching impact on peace campaigning in Israel. Her dedication to peaceful coexistence and her unwavering commitment to dialogue and understanding have inspired countless individuals to actively work towards resolving conflicts in the region. By promoting empathy, Silver has fostered an environment conducive to peacebuilding efforts.

Global recognition

Silver’s work has garnered international recognition and admiration. Her tireless efforts to promote peace in Israel have transcended borders and resonated with individuals and organizations worldwide. Through speaking engagements, conferences, and collaborations, Silver has actively engaged with a global audience, further amplifying her message of peace and reconciliation.

Vivian’s disappearance

Concerns about her well-being

With each passing day, concerns about Vivian Silver’s well-being grow. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are shrouded in uncertainty, leaving friends, family, and fellow activists increasingly worried. The community anxiously hopes for her safe return and seeks answers regarding her whereabouts and condition.

Possible reasons for her disappearance

While it is challenging to ascertain the exact reasons for Silver’s disappearance, there are several possibilities to consider. Given her activism and the nature of her work, it is conceivable that this incident may be connected to her efforts. Additionally, the recent attack on Kibbutz Be’eri raises questions about whether Silver’s disappearance is a direct consequence of the assault or if it is the result of separate circumstances.

Community response

Support from fellow activists

The peace activist community has rallied behind Yonatan Ziegen during this trying time. Fellow activists, inspired by Silver’s advocacy and commitment, have extended their support, offering vital resources, guidance, and solidarity. This outpouring of support underscores the tight-knit nature of the peace activism community and their shared determination in finding Silver and ensuring her safety.

Local search efforts

Within the local community, a widespread effort to locate Vivian Silver is underway. Volunteers, friends, and concerned citizens have joined forces, conducting ground searches, spreading awareness through social media, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies. This grassroots mobilization exemplifies the strength and resilience of the community in times of crisis.

Media coverage

Local and international news coverage

Vivian Silver’s disappearance has garnered extensive coverage in both local and international news outlets. Recognizing the significance of her work and the impact of her disappearance, journalists and media organizations have dedicated significant resources to reporting on the incident. By highlighting Silver’s activism and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, the media aims to raise awareness and gather information that may lead to her safe return.

Interviews with Yonatan

Yonatan Ziegen’s plight has attracted media attention as individuals are captivated by his determination to find his missing mother. Yonatan has participated in several interviews, sharing stories of his mother’s activism and the events leading up to her disappearance. These interviews provide deeper insight into Vivian Silver’s work and serve as a reminder of the urgency and importance of finding her.

Appeals for information

Media coverage has been instrumental in appealing to the public for any information that may aid in locating Vivian Silver. Various news outlets have disseminated her description, photographs, and details of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. These appeals aim to engage the wider community in the search efforts and encourage individuals with relevant information to come forward.

Political implications

Criticism of Israeli government

Vivian Silver’s disappearance has sparked criticism of the Israeli government’s commitment to protecting the safety and security of peace activists. Some individuals argue that the attack on Kibbutz Be’eri, followed by Silver going missing, highlights potential lapses in security measures and raises concerns about the safety of those who advocate for peace. This incident prompts reflection on the government’s role in ensuring the well-being of individuals involved in peace activism.

Human rights issues

Silver’s disappearance also underscores broader human rights concerns within the region. The incident serves as a reminder that individuals engaged in peaceful activities face potential risks and threats. The international community reflects on the importance of safeguarding human rights, protecting activists, and providing an environment that fosters open dialogue and peaceful coexistence.


The disappearance of peace activist Vivian Silver has sent shockwaves throughout Israel and the global peace community. As Yonatan Ziegen tirelessly searches for his missing mother, the impact of Silver’s activism continues to reverberate. The solidarity and support from fellow activists, the extensive media coverage, and the political implications surrounding this incident underscore the importance of Silver’s work and the urgent need to locate her. The hope remains that Vivian Silver will be found safe and sound, allowing her to continue her invaluable efforts towards peace and understanding.

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