Seychelles declares state of emergency after deadly flooding and blast at explosives depot

December 9, 2023 | by b1og.net


Seychelles declares state of emergency after deadly flooding and blast at explosives depot

In a startling turn of events, the island nation of Seychelles has declared a state of emergency following a devastating flood and a massive explosion at an explosives depot. The blast, which occurred in the industrial area of Providence, caused extensive damage and left a large crater in its wake. While no deaths were reported from the explosion, three people lost their lives in the flooding, and scores of others were injured. President Wavel Ramkalawan has ordered schools to close and urged citizens to stay at home to allow emergency services and essential workers the space to address the aftermath of this tragic event. The small archipelago, known as a popular tourist destination off the coast of Africa, now faces the daunting task of recovering from this unimaginable disaster.

Seychelles declares state of emergency after deadly flooding and blast at explosives depot

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Seychelles declares state of emergency

The president of Seychelles has declared a state of emergency following a devastating flooding event and a blast at an explosives depot. This declaration comes as the country grapples with the aftermath of these two tragic events, which have caused casualties and significant damage. Let’s take a closer look at the details and the measures being taken in response.


Flooding and blast cause casualties

The flooding that occurred in Seychelles has resulted in the loss of three lives. These individuals tragically lost their lives when they became trapped in their homes during the flooding. Additionally, the blast at the explosives depot has led to 178 people sustaining injuries. Although the injuries were mostly minor, this event has caused significant distress and disruption to the affected individuals and their families.

Details of the explosion

The explosion that shook Seychelles took place at the industrial area of Providence. This blast has caused massive damage in the vicinity and has even flattened buildings. However, it is important to note that no deaths have been reported as a direct result of the explosion. The devastation caused by this incident is evident, and efforts are underway to assess the full extent of the damage.

President’s response

President Ramkalawan, in response to these tragic events, has announced a state of emergency. As part of this declaration, schools have been ordered to close, and people have been instructed to stay at home. These measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of the population and allowing emergency services and essential workers to carry out their duties effectively. By giving priority to these crucial services, the government hopes to mitigate the impact of the flooding and explosion.

Extent of the damage

The flooding that occurred in Seychelles has caused major destruction throughout the affected areas. As a result, many families have been forced to leave their homes for security reasons. The aftermath of the explosion at the explosives depot has been described by President Ramkalawan as resembling a war zone. The damages incurred in both events are significant, and it will take time and effort to rebuild and restore the affected areas.

Investigation into the blast

Following the explosion at the explosives depot, the government intends to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. It is believed that four containers of explosives were responsible for the blast. As part of the investigation, the construction company responsible for storing the explosives will come under scrutiny to determine if proper precautions were taken. Understanding the cause of the explosion is crucial to prevent similar incidents in the future and hold accountable those responsible.

International travel and services

Despite the state of emergency, airport and ferry services in Seychelles are still operating. This allows people to travel if necessary, although it is advised to limit non-essential travel during this time. By maintaining these essential services, the government aims to ensure that necessary transportation links remain in place for both residents and visitors.


Seychelles as a tourist destination

Seychelles has long been a popular tourist destination, known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. Situated off the east coast of Africa, it is the smallest country on the continent in terms of area and population. Mahu Island, the most populous island in Seychelles, attracts tourists from around the world with its pristine beaches and diverse marine life. While the state of emergency may have an impact on tourism, the country’s allure and resilience are expected to prevail.

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Flooding in the East African region

Seychelles is not alone in facing the devastation caused by heavy rainfall and flooding. The East African region has been severely affected by this ongoing natural disaster, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives and the displacement of millions. Climate change has exacerbated the situation, intensifying the impact of these extreme weather events. It is essential for the international community to recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and its consequences to prevent further devastation in the future.


Seychelles finds itself in a state of emergency due to the deadly flooding and explosion that have caused significant damage and casualties. The government is actively assessing the damage and working to ensure the safety and well-being of the population. Efforts are underway to investigate the cause of the blast and hold those responsible accountable. Despite these challenges, Seychelles remains a resilient and beautiful destination. It is crucial to address the larger issue of climate change that has contributed to the devastating flooding in the region. Together, we can work towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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