Spanish Far-Right Politician Shot: 3 Suspects Arrested

November 23, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a shocking incident that has gripped Spain, a far-right politician was shot in broad daylight, leading to the arrest of three suspects. Alejandro Vidal-Quadras, a 78-year-old member of the Vox party, was targeted on a Madrid street, and he currently remains hospitalized. While the police have arrested two individuals in the city of Lanjaron and another in Fuengirola, none of them are believed to have fired the shot that wounded Vidal-Quadras. The investigation is exploring the possibility of a terrorist attack, with speculations of an Iranian link due to the politician’s ties with Iran’s political opposition. However, no concrete evidence has been found yet. This incident has ignited concerns about the safety of political figures in Spain and raised questions about the motives behind the attack.

Three Suspects Arrested in Shooting of Spanish Far-Right Politician

Spanish Far-Right Politician Shot: 3 Suspects Arrested

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Arrests Made in Connection with Shooting

Three individuals have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a Spanish far-right politician, Alejandro Vidal-Quadras. Vidal-Quadras, a prominent member of Spain’s Conservative Popular Party and co-founder of the far-right Vox Party, was shot in the face in broad daylight on a street in Madrid on November 9. The 78-year-old politician remains hospitalized.


Politician Shot in Broad Daylight

The shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras occurred in broad daylight, highlighting the brazen nature of the attack. The incident took place on a street in Madrid, capturing the attention of onlookers and sparking immediate concern. The fact that the shooting targeted a notable political figure adds to the gravity of the situation.

Victim Remains Hospitalized

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras, the victim of the shooting, continues to be hospitalized as he recovers from his injuries. The exact extent of his injuries has not been disclosed, but the fact that he has remained in the hospital for an extended period indicates the seriousness of the attack. The public hopes for his swift and full recovery.

Suspects Detained in Lanjaron and Fuengirola

Law enforcement authorities have made significant progress in the investigation of the shooting, with three suspects arrested in connection to the crime. Two individuals were detained in Lanjaron, a city in southern Spain, while the third suspect was apprehended in Fuengirola. The specific roles and involvement of each suspect are currently under investigation.

No Evidence of Suspects Firing the Shot

While the arrests have brought some progress to the case, it is important to note that there is currently no evidence directly linking the arrested individuals to the actual firing of the shot that injured Alejandro Vidal-Quadras. The police and investigative units are diligently working to gather more evidence and establish a concrete connection between the suspects and the crime.

Investigation Treating the Shooting as Possible Terrorist Attack

The shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras is being investigated as a possible terrorist attack by the National Police and National Court. Given the nature of the incident and the political background of the victim, law enforcement authorities are looking into potential motives related to terrorism. The investigation is ongoing, with the hope of uncovering the truth behind the attack.

Possible Connection to Iran’s Political Opposition

The shooting is raising suspicions of a potential link to Iran’s political opposition. Alejandro Vidal-Quadras has longstanding ties with the Iranian opposition in exile, which has attracted attention from investigative teams. In fact, Iran’s Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on Vidal-Quadras earlier this year, along with others associated with the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, an exiled opposition group accused of supporting terrorism. The investigation is carefully examining any possible connections between the shooting and Iran’s political opposition.


Sanctions Imposed on Politician by Iran’s Foreign Ministry

In January of this year, Iran’s Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on Alejandro Vidal-Quadras and others affiliated with the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq. The ministry accused them of “supporting terrorism and terrorist groups.” These sanctions have added another layer of complexity to the investigation, as law enforcement authorities explore any potential motive behind the shooting related to Vidal-Quadras’ sanctions and his ties to Iran’s political opposition.

Arrested Individuals Identified as Spanish Man, British Woman, and Spaniard

The three individuals arrested in connection with the shooting have been identified as a Spanish man, his British partner, and another Spaniard. The arrests took place in different locations – Lanjaron and Fuengirola – emphasizing the concerted effort to apprehend the suspects involved in this serious crime. The investigation aims to shed light on the roles and motivations of each individual.

Victim’s Background and Political Affiliation

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras is a prominent figure in Spanish politics. Before his involvement with the right-wing Vox Party, he was an important member of Spain’s Conservative Popular Party. Vidal-Quadras also served as a member of the European Parliament, highlighting his significant contributions to the country’s political landscape. Although he has been inactive in politics in recent years, he has maintained a public role as a media commentator and columnist.

Background of the Politician

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras’ background within Spanish politics is extensive and noteworthy. As a former member of the European Parliament, he played a crucial role in shaping policies and representing the interests of the Spanish people. Additionally, his co-founding of the far-right Vox Party demonstrates his commitment to promoting conservative ideals and highlighting alternative political perspectives in Spain.

Current Condition and Motive for Attack

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras’ current condition remains guarded as he continues to receive medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the shooting. Speculations surrounding the motive for the attack point to his ties with Iran’s political opposition. Vidal-Quadras has maintained connections with the Iranian opposition in exile for many years, which led to the imposition of sanctions by Iran’s Foreign Ministry. The investigation is exploring these ties to determine if they played a role in the attack.

Arrest Locations and Suspects’ Roles

The arrests made in connection with the shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras took place in the cities of Lanjaron and Fuengirola, located in southern Spain. The specific roles and involvement of each suspect are still under investigation. However, it is known that a Spanish man and his British partner were arrested in Lanjaron, while a Spaniard was detained in Fuengirola in connection with the motorbike used in the shooting. The investigation aims to uncover the full extent of their roles and any potential accomplices involved.

Investigation and Terrorism-related Concerns

The National Police force and the National Court are leading the investigation into the shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras. Given the possible terrorist motive behind the attack, law enforcement authorities are closely evaluating potential threats and implementing appropriate security measures. The investigation is being conducted meticulously, with collaboration from international agencies, to comprehensively understand the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Political Background and Significance

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras’ political background and contributions to Spanish politics are substantial. As a member of Spain’s Conservative Popular Party, he held important positions and influenced decision-making processes. Additionally, his role as a European Parliament member allowed him to advocate for the interests of the Spanish people on an international platform. The co-founding of the far-right Vox Party highlights Vidal-Quadras’ dedication to addressing and promoting conservative ideals in Spain’s political landscape.

Connection with Iran’s Political Opposition

Alejandro Vidal-Quadras’ longstanding links with Iran’s political opposition have garnered attention, particularly in relation to the shooting. Accusations of terrorism support were even raised by Iran’s Foreign Ministry when they imposed sanctions on Vidal-Quadras and others linked to the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq. The investigation surrounding the shooting aims to establish whether these connections played a role in motivating the attack.

Details of the Shooting

The shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras occurred in broad daylight on a street in Madrid. The exact location and timing of the attack underscore the audacity of the incident. Vidal-Quadras was injured when a shot struck him in the face, prompting immediate concern from witnesses and onlookers. The severity of his injuries necessitated his hospitalization, where he continues to receive medical care as he recovers.

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Media Coverage and Public Reaction

The shooting of the Spanish far-right politician, Alejandro Vidal-Quadras, garnered significant media coverage both nationally and internationally. News agencies reported on the incident, providing updates on the investigation and the arrests made. The public has expressed shock and concern over the attack, with discussions and reactions highlighting the overall tension surrounding the incident. As the investigation progresses, public interest remains high.

Next Steps in the Investigation

The investigation into the shooting of Alejandro Vidal-Quadras continues to unfold as law enforcement authorities diligently examine the evidence and delve deeper into the suspected individuals’ involvement. The collaboration with international agencies will play a crucial role in gathering additional information and shedding light on any potential motives and connections. The primary goal is to uncover the truth behind this attack and ensure justice is served.

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