Survivor Rescued from Zambian Mine after Week-long Trapping, Dozens Still Missing

December 7, 2023 | by b1og.net


Survivor Rescued from Zambian Mine after Week-long Trapping, Dozens Still Missing

In a remarkable rescue effort, a survivor has been pulled out of a Zambian mine almost a week after being trapped under landslides caused by heavy rain. The mine, located in the Copperbelt province, is notorious for illegal mining activities, making it difficult to determine the exact number of trapped miners. While dozens remain missing, the 49-year-old survivor was finally rescued on Tuesday night, recounting his struggle to find a way out of one of the collapsed tunnels. The rescue operation continues as rescuers grapple with challenging conditions, including ongoing rainfall and flooded tunnels. With hopes of finding more survivors, authorities are prioritizing the safe extraction of those still trapped underground in this race against time.

Survivor Rescued from Zambian Mine after Week-long Trapping, Dozens Still Missing

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Overview of the Incident

In a tragic incident in Zambia, dozens of informal miners were trapped underground after heavy rain caused landslides in a copper mine. The incident occurred in Copperbelt province, near the city of Chingola. The landslides buried the miners inside tunnels they had been illegally digging. After nearly a week of rescue efforts, a survivor was pulled out of the mine. However, the exact number of trapped miners remains uncertain, with government officials estimating it to be more than 30. The incident has shed light on the dangers of illegal mining and the challenges faced in rescue operations.


Rescue of Survivor

After five days of struggling to find a way out of one of the collapsed tunnels, a 49-year-old miner was miraculously rescued. The survivor was pulled out of the mine on Tuesday night, thanks to the efforts of rescue teams. He was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention. While no specific details about his condition were given, officials mentioned that he was able to communicate with them from his hospital bed. The rescue of the survivor provided a glimmer of hope amidst the ongoing search for other trapped miners.

Retrieval of Bodies

During the rescue operation, two bodies were retrieved from underneath the debris at the mine. Although these were the first bodies to be recovered, their identities are yet to be determined. Authorities have faced difficulties in counting the number of trapped miners due to illegal mining activities. The fact that these miners were operating without the knowledge of the mine owner has made the counting process even more challenging. However, efforts are underway to verify the reports of missing miners and retrieve their bodies to provide closure to their families.

Number of Trapped Miners

The exact number of miners who remain trapped underground is uncertain. Government officials have estimated that more than 30 miners could still be inside the collapsed tunnels. However, these numbers are subject to verification as families report missing relatives. The illegal nature of the mining operations has made it difficult to obtain an accurate count. The government is working diligently to gather information and provide assistance to those affected by the incident.

Challenges in Counting Trapped Miners

Counting the number of trapped miners has been a significant challenge due to the illegal nature of their activities. These miners were engaging in unauthorized mining, searching for copper ore without proper safety procedures. As a result, they were operating in secrecy, without the knowledge of the mine owner. This has made it difficult for authorities to determine the exact number of miners trapped underground. Despite these challenges, the government is actively working to gather information from families and verify the reports of missing miners.

Illegal Mining in the Area

The incident has brought attention to the issue of illegal mining in the surrounding area. Artisanal miners often enter mines without the knowledge or permission of the owners in an attempt to extract copper deposits. These illegal miners operate without proper safety procedures, putting their lives at great risk. The prevalence of illegal mining in the area highlights the need for stricter regulations and enforcement to prevent such incidents in the future. Authorities must work towards curbing illegal mining activities while ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved in the mining industry.

Visit of Zambian President

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema visited the mine to assess the situation and provide support to the ongoing rescue efforts. His visit demonstrated his commitment to prioritizing the lives of those trapped underground. The president expressed hope for survivors and commended the rescue teams for their tireless efforts. His presence at the site emphasized the seriousness of the incident and the government’s dedication to resolving the situation. President Hichilema’s visit served as a source of comfort and motivation for the families of the trapped miners.


Rescue Efforts by Teams

Rescue teams have been working tirelessly since the incident occurred to clear the debris and pump water out of the affected areas. Their efforts have been complicated by additional rainfall, which caused flooding in some parts of the mine. Despite these challenges, the rescue teams have remained determined to locate and rescue any remaining trapped miners. The teams have shown immense bravery and commitment to their mission, navigating dangerous conditions to save lives. Their unwavering dedication is a testament to the strength and resilience of the rescue community.

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Police Announcement and Government’s Response

The police initially announced that all of the miners were presumed dead, and the likelihood of survivors was minimal. However, the government criticized this statement, stating that it was premature to declare them dead. The government emphasized the need for thorough verification before making such announcements. The incident highlighted the importance of accurate information and maintaining hope during rescue efforts. The government has taken responsibility for coordinating the rescue operations and ensuring the safety of the rescue teams involved.

Importance of Copper Mining in Zambia

Zambia is ranked among the top 10 copper producers globally, making copper mining a crucial industry for the country’s economy. The copper mines, particularly in Chingola, contribute significantly to Zambia’s production and export of copper. The incident has underscored the importance of the mining sector while also emphasizing the need for proper regulations and safety practices. The government must balance economic growth with the well-being and safety of miners. It is essential to prioritize the implementation of safety measures to prevent future incidents and protect the lives of those working in the mining industry.

In conclusion, the incident at the Zambian mine has been a tragic event that has brought attention to the dangers of illegal mining and highlighted the challenges in rescue operations. Despite these challenges, rescue teams have shown unwavering determination and resilience in their efforts. The government’s response has emphasized the need for accurate information and the prioritization of safety. Moving forward, it is important to address the issue of illegal mining and strengthen regulations to ensure the safety of miners. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of the copper mining industry in Zambia and the need for sustainable and responsible practices.

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