Tropical Cyclone Jasper weakens to a low pressure system

December 15, 2023 | by b1og.net


As Tropical Cyclone Jasper weakens, northeastern Australia continues to be pounded by heavy rainfall and flooding. The cyclone, which crossed the Queensland state coast as a category 2 storm, left almost 40,000 homes and businesses without power. While the Aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal managed to largely escape any significant damage, fallen trees have caused road closures, isolating the area. With the cyclone progressing slowly over land, the region is facing the risk of continued flooding as rain falls on already saturated ground and swollen rivers. Despite the challenging conditions, residents like Betty Hinton, whose house withstood the cyclone, are hopeful for relief soon.

Tropical Cyclone Jasper Weakens to a Low Pressure System

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Overview of Tropical Cyclone Jasper’s Impact on Australia

Tropical Cyclone Jasper, the first cyclone of the season to hit Australia, has weakened to a low pressure system. Despite the weakening, the cyclone continues to bring heavy rains and cause flooding along the northeast coast of the country. The storm made landfall late on Wednesday as a category 2 storm, bringing strong winds and lashing the sparsely populated region. The Aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal, located north of Cairns, experienced the brunt of the storm, but fortunately, most residents had been evacuated prior to Jasper’s arrival.

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Description of Cyclone’s Weakening to a Low Pressure System

As Tropical Cyclone Jasper moves further inland, it is gradually losing intensity and weakening. The structured storm system is transitioning into a disorganized low pressure system. This means that the cyclone’s winds are subsiding, but the heavy rainfall associated with it is persisting. The system is now moving at a slower pace, allowing for prolonged periods of rain in the affected areas.

Continued Flooding Rain in Northeastern Australia

The northeastern region of Australia continues to experience persistent heavy rain as a result of Tropical Cyclone Jasper. This heavy rainfall poses a significant risk of flooding due to the already saturated ground and swollen rivers. Weather forecasts predict that the rain will continue in the coming days, exacerbating the flooding situation further.

Impact on Homes and Businesses

Tropical Cyclone Jasper has caused significant disruptions to homes and businesses in the affected areas. Almost 40,000 homes and businesses are currently without power as a result of the storm. This power outage affects approximately 25% of electricity customers in the cyclone-affected area. The loss of power poses challenges for residents and businesses, including disruptions to daily routines and potential financial losses.

Evacuations and Damage to Aboriginal Community of Wujal Wujal

The Aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal experienced limited damage as a result of Tropical Cyclone Jasper. Thankfully, most residents had heeded the warnings and evacuated the area before the cyclone made landfall. The community mainly suffered fallen trees, with no reports of significant damage to buildings or infrastructure. Despite this relatively positive outcome, the community is expected to remain isolated for several days due to fallen trees blocking roads.

Effect on Roads and Transportation

The impact of Tropical Cyclone Jasper on roads and transportation has been significant. The storm has caused numerous road closures due to fallen trees and floodwater. These closures have resulted in the isolation of Wujal Wujal and other affected areas, making it difficult for residents and emergency services to access and navigate the region. The restoration of road networks is a priority to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities.

Rescue Operations and Power Outages

Emergency services have been actively involved in rescue operations during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Jasper. They have successfully rescued 12 people and a dog from floodwaters in the town of Mossman. These rescue efforts are critical in ensuring the safety of individuals at risk due to the flooding. Alongside these rescue operations, power outages have affected nearly 40,000 homes and businesses. The electricity company Ergon Energy is working to restore power to the affected areas as quickly as possible.


Meteorologist’s Forecast of Continued Heavy Rain

Meteorologists forecast continued heavy rain in the region affected by Tropical Cyclone Jasper. This ongoing rainfall heightens concerns about further flooding, as the ground is already saturated, and rivers are running high. The additional rain could exacerbate the flooding situation and prolong the recovery period for the affected communities. Residents are urged to stay informed about the changing weather conditions and to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Personal Accounts of the Storm’s Effects

Residents in the affected areas have shared personal accounts of the effects of Tropical Cyclone Jasper. Betty Hinton, a resident of Daintree village, described the cyclone’s passage as a sleepless night with relentless winds and heavy rain. Despite the storm’s intensity, Hinton’s house remained undamaged due to its reinforced construction. Other residents have echoed the sentiment of enduring a lengthy and challenging storm, highlighting the need for timely recovery efforts and support from authorities.

Closure and Reopening of Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport, located in the cyclone-affected area, temporarily closed due to the worsening weather conditions. This precautionary measure prioritized the safety of passengers and staff. However, once the storm passes and weather conditions improve, the airport is expected to reopen. Passengers are advised to stay updated on flight statuses and to follow the instructions provided by airline operators and airport authorities.

In conclusion, Tropical Cyclone Jasper’s weakening to a low pressure system does not diminish the ongoing impact of heavy rains and the risk of flooding in northeastern Australia. The storm has resulted in power outages, road closures, and isolated communities. Rescue operations are ongoing, and meteorologists forecast continued heavy rain, emphasizing the need for caution and preparedness. The personal accounts of those affected serve as a reminder of the resilience and determination of communities in the face of such natural disasters.

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