Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

October 14, 2023 | by b1og.net


Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

In the midst of ongoing Republican infighting, conservative firebrand Jim Jordan has emerged as the nominee for Speaker of the House, with the backing of former president Donald Trump. However, despite his victory in the secret ballot held on Friday, Jordan is facing mounting opposition from within his own party. With Republicans still unable to successfully install a Speaker, the House is left leaderless, unable to pass bills or approve White House requests for emergency aid. Jordan’s path to becoming Speaker faces significant challenges, with the need for 217 out of 221 Republican members to vote in his favor. As the weekend begins, uncertainty hangs over the Republican Party’s leadership.

Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

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Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

Conservative firebrand Jim Jordan has been chosen as the Republican nominee to become Speaker of the House. This decision comes as no surprise, considering Jordan’s close ties to former President Donald Trump. However, despite his backing from Trump, Jordan is already facing opposition from within the Republican Party. This has led to House Republicans remaining leaderless and mired in infighting, which has significant implications for the Speaker vacancy.



Jim Jordan’s selection as the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House reflects his status as a conservative firebrand within the party. With 124 votes in his favor in the secret ballot held on Friday, he emerged as the frontrunner. However, it is crucial to note that 81 party members voted against him, signaling significant opposition within the party.

The ongoing infighting within the Republican Party is hindering the selection of a Speaker. This infighting has left the House without a leader for the past ten days, preventing any progress in passing bills or addressing critical issues. Until a new Speaker is chosen, the House will struggle to approve White House requests for emergency aid and pass short-term spending motions.

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Vote Results and Challenges

While Jordan secured a victory in the secret ballot, his lack of support within the wider party is evident. Following his initial success, a second motion was held to determine whether members would support him in a floor vote. This second vote revealed that 55 members opposed Jordan, further complicating his path to the Speaker’s office. With a narrow margin of victory, Jordan faces numerous hurdles in his quest to become Speaker.

One significant challenge comes from supporters of Steve Scalise, who initially withdrew his nomination but still has a considerable following within the party. These supporters have vowed to oppose Jordan at all costs, adding to the obstacles he must overcome. The margin of victory in the secret ballot was already precarious, with Jordan expanding on the fragile margin Scalise earned earlier. This leaves House Republicans without a clear path forward and creates uncertainty for the future.


Opinions and Potential Support

Despite the opposition, Jim Jordan remains confident in his ability to unite the party. He believes that he can effectively communicate the Republican Party’s goals and explain to the country why these goals matter. However, not all party members share this confidence in Jordan’s ability to unify.

Representative Mario Díaz-Balart expressed skepticism regarding Jordan’s capability to unite the party. He emphasized the need for someone who can genuinely unify the Republicans, indicating that he does not believe Jordan is the right person for the job. While some supporters of Jordan remain optimistic that they can sway votes in his favor, the influence of lobbyists and other representatives also plays a significant role in determining support.

Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

Future Timeline

The timeline for the Speaker vote remains uncertain. Lawmakers have left Washington DC for the weekend, which means that the Speaker vote may not take place until Monday, 16 October. This weekend break allows missing members to return to the city and participate in the vote. The timing of the vote will ultimately depend on the preferences of the involved parties.

Support from McCarthy and Trump

Jim Jordan’s Speaker nomination has gained the support of Kevin McCarthy, the ousted former Speaker. McCarthy expressed his belief that Jordan would excel in the role of Speaker, highlighting his confidence in Jordan’s abilities. This endorsement adds to the momentum behind Jordan’s candidacy.

Jordan’s close ties to former President Trump also work in his favor. Trump awarded him the Medal of Freedom before leaving office, solidifying their relationship. This endorsement from Trump holds significant weight within the Republican Party and has likely contributed to Jordan’s nomination.

Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee

History of Ousted Speakers

Jim Jordan’s path to becoming Speaker faces substantial challenges, but he is not alone in this regard. His predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted from the position after striking a deal with Senate Democrats to fund the government. This marked the first time in U.S. history that a Speaker was voted out of the chamber.

Moreover, the two previous Republican Speakers, John Boehner and Paul Ryan, were also forced to leave their positions due to repeated clashes with conservative members. This history of ousted Speakers highlights the difficulties and tensions within the Republican Party when it comes to leadership roles.

Reaction and Opposition

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic nominee for Speaker, has criticized Jim Jordan’s nomination. Jeffries referred to Jordan as the chair of the “Chaos Caucus,” a term stemming from his role as a leader in the far-right Freedom Caucus. Jeffries highlighted the choice facing House Republicans, as they can choose to continue the chaos and extremism or seek bipartisan solutions with Democrats.

The opposition to Jordan’s nomination underscores the deep divisions within the Republican Party. The choice of a Speaker will have implications not only for the party but also for the American people. It is essential to consider the consequences of these divisions and whether they will hinder progress on critical issues.

Trump-backed Jim Jordan chosen as Speaker nominee


The ongoing turmoil within the Republican Party, as reflected in the selection of Jim Jordan as Speaker nominee, has significant implications. It is yet to be determined whether Jordan can overcome the opposition within his party and secure the Speaker’s position. However, regardless of the outcome, this infighting and uncertainty have consequences for the American people. The selection of a Speaker is crucial for effective governance and addressing the pressing issues facing the nation.

It remains to be seen how the challenges surrounding the Speaker election will be resolved. The coming days will be decisive in determining whether Jim Jordan can secure the necessary support to become Speaker of the House. The Republican Party’s internal divisions and the opposition from Democrats create a complex landscape that will shape the future of American politics.

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