UK Parliamentarian Reveals Lies About Lucrative Pandemic Contracts

December 20, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a shocking revelation, a member of Britain’s House of Lords, Michelle Mone, has admitted to repeatedly lying about her involvement with a company that received lucrative government contracts for supplying protective masks and gowns during the pandemic. Mone, who is known for her lingerie business, initially denied any connections to the company PPE Medpro and even threatened to sue journalists who alleged otherwise. However, in a recent BBC interview, she confessed to making an “error” and expressed regret for not being transparent. While Mone acknowledges being a beneficiary of her husband’s financial trusts, which made profits from the deal, she asserts that they are being wrongly targeted as “scapegoats” in a broader scandal surrounding government spending during the pandemic. The case serves as a striking example of the wastage of millions of pounds through hastily awarded contracts for protective equipment.

UK Parliamentarian Reveals Lies About Lucrative Pandemic Contracts

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Michelle Mone’s denial of links to PPE Medpro

In a recent revelation, Michelle Mone, a member of Britain’s House of Lords, has admitted to repeatedly lying about her connections to a company called PPE Medpro. This company was awarded lucrative government contracts to supply protective masks and gowns during the coronavirus pandemic. Mone initially denied any involvement with the company but has now acknowledged her error and expressed regret for misleading the public.


Regret over threatening journalists

Another regrettable action by Mone was her decision to threaten journalists with lawsuits when they alleged her ties to PPE Medpro. This aggressive response only exacerbated the situation and further damaged her credibility. Mone now recognizes the mistake she made by attempting to silence those who were simply seeking the truth.

Doug Barrowman’s acknowledgment of ownership

During this scandal, Mone’s husband, Doug Barrowman, has openly acknowledged that he led the consortium that owns PPE Medpro. While Mone initially denied her involvement, her husband’s statement confirms that the couple is indeed connected to the company. This admission adds to the complexity of the situation and raises questions about their intentions and integrity.

The Admission of Lies

Mone admits error in denying involvement

In a recent BBC interview, Michelle Mone openly admitted that she made an error in denying her involvement with PPE Medpro. She acknowledges that her initial statements were false and that she is, in fact, connected to the company. By accepting her mistake, Mone is taking the first step towards rectifying the situation and regaining the public’s trust.

Regret over misleading the press

Mone expresses sincere regret for misleading the press and the public by denying her links to PPE Medpro. She recognizes that honesty and transparency are essential, especially during a time of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic. Mone acknowledges that her actions have caused harm and pledges to rectify the situation by being forthright moving forward.

Beneficiary of husband’s financial trusts

While Mone admits to her involvement with PPE Medpro, she clarifies that she is a beneficiary of her husband’s financial trusts, which hold a significant amount of profits from the deal. This revelation sheds light on Mone’s financial stake in the company and adds a layer of complexity to the scandal. It raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and further emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability.

Defense and Justification

Blaming the government for wider scandal

Mone and her husband argue that they are being unfairly targeted and made scapegoats in a larger scandal involving government spending during the pandemic. They claim that their actions were merely a response to the government’s mishandling of contracts and lack of oversight. While this may provide some context, it does not absolve Mone and Barrowman of their own responsibilities and accountability.


Claiming to be scapegoats

Mone insists that she and her husband are being used as scapegoats to divert attention from broader issues of government spending. While it is important to question the government’s actions and hold them accountable, it is equally important to address the specific actions and decisions made by individuals involved. By asserting themselves as scapegoats, Mone and Barrowman may be deflecting from their own wrongdoing.

Denying wrongdoing

Despite admitting to lying about her involvement, Mone maintains that she and her husband have done nothing wrong. She argues that their actions were a result of the chaotic and hasty nature of contract awards during the pandemic. While it is essential to consider the circumstances surrounding the contracts, the admission of dishonesty raises concerns about their ethical conduct. Denying any wrongdoing only further erodes public trust in their credibility.

The Scandal of Government Spending

Wasted funds in hastily awarded contracts

The scandal surrounding government spending during the pandemic extends beyond Mone and Barrowman’s involvement with PPE Medpro. There have been widespread reports of wasted funds due to hastily awarded contracts for protective equipment. The lack of proper vetting and oversight has raised serious concerns about the responsible allocation of public funds during a national crisis.

Criticism of VIP lanes

One of the most significant criticisms of the government’s handling of contracts is the existence of VIP lanes. These reserved lanes gave politicians the ability to recommend companies for contracts, potentially leading to favoritism and corruption. The allocation of public funds should be based on merit and need, not personal connections. The existence of VIP lanes undermines public trust in the government’s ability to make fair and unbiased decisions.

Political connections and recommendations

The case involving Mone and PPE Medpro highlights the influence of political connections in the awarding of contracts. Mone, as a member of the House of Lords, had the power to recommend PPE Medpro to senior government officials. This raises concerns about the impartiality of the decision-making process and the possibility of personal gain through political influence. It is crucial to address these issues to restore faith in the integrity of the government.

Investigations and Legal Proceedings

Millions of unused surgical gowns

One of the most troubling aspects of the scandal is the fact that millions of surgical gowns supplied by PPE Medpro to UK hospitals were deemed unfit for use and remain unused. This represents a significant waste of resources and underscores the importance of ensuring proper quality control in the procurement of essential equipment. The investigation should aim to determine who was responsible for approving these subpar gowns and hold them accountable.

Breach of contract proceedings

The UK government has initiated breach of contract proceedings against PPE Medpro due to the delivery of faulty equipment. This legal action seeks to reclaim funds and hold the company accountable for its failure to provide adequate protective gear. These proceedings are an essential step in addressing the issues surrounding the scandal and ensuring that those responsible are held liable for their actions.

Allegations of fraud and bribery

In addition to breach of contract proceedings, allegations of fraud and bribery have emerged in connection with the PPE Medpro scandal. These serious accusations warrant a thorough investigation to determine the truth and, if substantiated, prosecute those involved. Fraud and bribery undermine the integrity of government contracts and erode public trust. The investigation by the National Crime Agency is a crucial step towards uncovering the full extent of any illegal activities.

Investigation by the National Crime Agency

The National Crime Agency is conducting an investigation into the allegations of fraud and bribery connected to the PPE Medpro scandal. This investigation aims to uncover any criminal activities and ensure that justice is served. It is essential to have an independent body like the National Crime Agency overseeing the proceedings to maintain transparency and instill public confidence in the investigation.

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Government Response and Defense

Defense of VIP lanes

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has defended the existence of VIP lanes for contract referrals, arguing that they are necessary for efficient decision making. He insists that no favors or special treatment were granted to government cronies and states that the government will crack down on fraud if found. Dowden’s support for VIP lanes demonstrates the government’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the contract awarding process, despite criticisms.

No favors or special treatment

The government maintains that no favors or special treatment were granted to individuals or companies involved in the scandal. Officials argue that any issues that have arisen are the result of the complexity and unprecedented nature of the crisis. While this defense may provide some context, it is important to conduct thorough investigations to ensure that there was no preferential treatment given to certain entities.

Crackdown on fraud if found

As part of their response to the scandal, the government has pledged to crack down on fraud if it is uncovered during investigations. This commitment reinforces the importance of holding individuals and companies accountable for any illegal activities. A strong response to fraud and corruption is necessary to restore public trust in the government and prevent similar scandals from occurring in the future.


The scandal involving Michelle Mone and PPE Medpro sheds light on the broader issues of government spending during the pandemic. The admission of lies, accusations of fraud, and wasted funds highlight the need for transparency, accountability, and proper oversight in the allocation of public resources. Investigations by authorities like the National Crime Agency are essential to uncover the truth and ensure that justice is served. Moving forward, it is crucial for the government to learn from this scandal and implement measures to prevent such abuses of power in the future. Restoring public trust should be a top priority to ensure responsible and ethical governance.

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