Ukraine Under Heavy Attack from Air and Cyberspace as Zelenskyy Presses for More Funding

December 13, 2023 | by b1og.net


In a troubling escalation of hostilities, Ukraine finds itself under heavy attack from both air and cyberspace. Russian forces have been relentlessly bombarding the southern Kherson region, leading to casualties and destruction. Simultaneously, Ukrainian telecom provider Kyivstar has been targeted by unidentified hackers, causing widespread disruption to phone and internet services. These attacks highlight the multi-dimensional nature of the conflict, with both physical and cyber warfare playing significant roles. As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presses for more funding and military assistance during his visit to the US, the situation remains tense and uncertain.

Ukraine Under Heavy Attack from Air and Cyberspace as Zelenskyy Presses for More Funding

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Russian Air Strikes on Southern Region

Ukraine recently faced heavy attacks from the air, with nearly 600 Russian shells, rockets, and other projectiles raining down on a southern region. The attack caused significant damage and casualties in the area. Local officials reported that one person was killed and four others were wounded during the 24-hour bombardment. This attack marks one of the highest numbers of projectiles fired at the region in at least two weeks.


Cyberattack on Ukraine’s Telecom Provider

In addition to the air strikes, Ukraine also experienced a cyberattack on its biggest telecom provider, Kyivstar. Unidentified hackers knocked out phone and internet services, disrupting communication across the country. Kyivstar serves more than 24 million mobile customers and plays a critical role in providing internet traffic in Ukraine. The company reported a “powerful” attack and stated that its specialists were working with law enforcement agencies and special state services to solve the problem. However, there is currently no estimate for when services will be restored.

Successful Hacker Attack on Russia’s Taxation System

While Ukraine faced cyberattacks, it also claimed a successful hacker attack against Russia’s national tax system. According to Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, the operation infiltrated several central servers and over 2,300 regional servers, disrupting communication and destroying the database and backups of Russia’s taxation system. However, Moscow has not provided any immediate comment on the attack, and the claim has not been independently verified.

Capture of Tactically Important Hill in Donetsk Region

Ukraine announced the capture of a tactically important hill in the Donetsk region. President Zelenskyy took to social media to announce the achievement, stating that the foothold provides a vantage point over the front line near Pivdenne, a mining town northwest of Donetsk. This capture is significant as the front line in the Donetsk region has seen little change since 2014.

Zelenskyy’s Visit to US for Additional Military Help

President Zelenskyy traveled to the US to meet with US Congress and press for additional military help. With further US funding uncertain due to a domestic political dispute, Zelenskyy aims to secure more support to aid Ukraine in its ongoing conflict. His visit to Capitol Hill signals his determination to seek assistance and strengthen the relationship between Ukraine and the US.

Casualties and Damage in Kherson Region

During the Russian bombardment, the Kherson region of Ukraine suffered significant casualties and damage. One person was killed, and four others were wounded in the intense attacks. This region also experienced the highest number of projectiles fired in at least two weeks, indicating the severity of the assault and its impact on the local population.

Growing Role of Air Bombardment in the War

As winter sets in and troop movements become more challenging, air bombardment plays an increasingly significant role in the ongoing war. With limited changes along the front line, both sides resort to aerial attacks to gain strategic advantages. The harsh winter conditions make it harder for ground troops to maneuver effectively, making air attacks a crucial element in the conflict.


The Battle in Cyberspace

The war between Ukraine and Russia extends beyond conventional military operations. Cyberspace has become a busy battleground, with cyberattacks playing a critical role in the conflict. The recent attack on Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest telecom provider, highlights the complex nature of the war. Ukrainian officials acknowledge that the war with Russia encompasses multiple dimensions, and cybersecurity is one of them.

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Consequences of the Kyivstar Attack

The cyberattack on Kyivstar had several consequences beyond disrupting phone and internet services. It also impacted Ukraine’s air raid warning system, causing disruptions in the Kyiv and Sumy regions. Additionally, some ATMs of state-owned Oschadbank stopped working as a result of the attack. Furthermore, a Ukrainian online bank successfully fought off a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the same day. These consequences demonstrate the ripple effect cyberattacks can have on critical infrastructures and systems.

Developments in the Donetsk Region

The capture of the tactically important hill in the Donetsk region marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict. The foothold provides a strategic vantage point, giving Ukrainian forces an advantage over enemy positions near Pivdenne. As the front line in the Donetsk region has been relatively stagnant since 2014, this capture could potentially shift the dynamics and create new opportunities for Ukrainian forces.

In conclusion, Ukraine is currently facing heavy attacks from both air and cyberspace. The Russian air strikes have caused casualties and damage in the southern region, while cyberattacks have disrupted communication and critical infrastructures. President Zelenskyy’s visit to the US aims to secure additional military support, but uncertainty remains due to domestic political disputes. The capture of a tactically important hill in the Donetsk region and the growing role of air bombardment further shape the dynamics of the conflict. Despite the challenges, Ukraine continues to navigate the battlegrounds in both physical and virtual spaces to defend its sovereignty.

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