Europe’s AI Talks Paused After 22 Hours, to Resume Friday

December 9, 2023 | by b1og.net


Europe’s AI Talks Paused After 22 Hours, to Resume Friday

Imagine the excitement in the air as European Union talks on world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) regulations were paused after an intense 22 hours of negotiations. These talks aim to establish a comprehensive rulebook for the rapidly advancing technology behind popular AI services like ChatGPT. While disagreements persisted on controversial topics such as generative AI and AI-powered facial recognition, progress was reported, and negotiations are set to resume on Friday morning. The pressure is on for representatives from the EU member states to secure a political agreement before the European Parliament breaks up for elections next year. With the hope of final approval and implementation by 2025, the outcome of these talks will have a significant impact on the future of AI in Europe. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development!

Europe’s AI Talks Paused After 22 Hours, to Resume Friday

Europes AI Talks Paused After 22 Hours, to Resume Friday

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The European Union has been engaged in discussions regarding the implementation of regulations for artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These talks aim to establish a comprehensive rulebook that will govern the use of AI within the EU. After 22 hours of intense negotiations, the discussions were paused and are set to resume on Friday. The need for a rulebook is evident as AI technology continues to advance and become integrated into various facets of our lives. Popular AI services, such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot, have gained significant popularity, highlighting the importance of regulating this technology.


Progress Made

Despite the lengthy discussions, significant progress was made during the 22-hour talks. European Commissioner Thierry Breton took to Twitter to announce that the discussions have yielded positive developments. This is an encouraging sign, indicating that the negotiations are heading in the right direction. The European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act holds immense importance in shaping the future of AI regulation within the region. It serves as a guiding framework that will enhance transparency, accountability, and ethical standards surrounding AI technology.

Controversial Points

During the talks, several controversial points emerged, leading to disagreements among the participants. One such point of contention revolved around generative AI and AI-powered police facial recognition. These aspects of AI technology sparked differing opinions regarding their regulation. Additionally, regulating foundation models for general purpose AI services also posed challenges during the negotiations. Foundation models serve as the backbone for AI services like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot, making their regulation crucial in ensuring responsible AI usage.

Facial Recognition Systems

One of the key topics discussed during the talks was the use of facial recognition systems. European Union lawmakers have voiced their concerns over privacy and called for a complete ban on facial recognition systems. However, governments from member countries have expressed their disagreement, arguing that facial recognition can be valuable for law enforcement purposes. This disagreement highlights the complexity and sensitivity surrounding the use of facial recognition technology and the need for careful regulation.

Deadline and Approval

Signing off on a deal before the European Parliament’s elections is of utmost importance. This ensures that the agreed-upon regulations can receive final approval from the European Parliament before it breaks up for elections. Time is of the essence as negotiators race against the clock to finish the negotiations by the end of December. The effective date of the AI Act, once approved, is expected to be in 2025 at the earliest. The conclusion of these negotiations is also influenced by Spain’s EU presidency, further emphasizing the urgency in reaching a consensus.

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Other Headlines

In addition to the AI talks, there are several other notable headlines. These include an update on the UNLV suspected shooter, who was discovered to be a former college professor. Furthermore, a historic ruling granted an emergency abortion request, highlighting the ongoing debates around reproductive rights. Special counsel has also filed tax-related charges against Hunter Biden, which have garnered significant attention. Lastly, arrests were made in a theft ring allegedly run out of a chicken restaurant, shedding light on criminal activities in unexpected places. Additionally, shots were fired outside an Albany, New York, temple, leading to the arrest of a suspect.


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In summary, the European Union’s talks on artificial intelligence regulations have been temporarily paused after 22 hours of discussions. These talks aim to establish a comprehensive rulebook for AI technology within the EU. Despite the lengthy negotiations, progress has been made, and the discussions will resume on Friday. Controversial points such as generative AI, AI-powered police facial recognition, and regulating foundation models have sparked disagreements among the participants. The use of facial recognition systems has also been a focal point, with lawmakers advocating for a complete ban while governments argue for its use in law enforcement. The negotiations must be concluded before the European Parliament breaks up for elections, with the aim of implementing the AI Act by 2025. Spain’s EU presidency adds a sense of urgency to reach an agreement. In addition to the AI talks, various other headlines have garnered attention, covering topics such as suspected shooters, emergency abortion rulings, tax-related charges, and theft ring arrests. ABC News continues to provide comprehensive coverage of these events, ensuring that viewers are informed and up-to-date on the latest news.

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