Indian Police Arrest 4 Intruders for Security Breach in Parliament Complex

December 15, 2023 | by b1og.net


Imagine the shock and surprise that must have filled the halls of India’s Parliament complex when four intruders breached the security measures in place. It was a major security breach, especially considering that it happened on the anniversary of a deadly 2001 terrorist attack on the complex. Two individuals boldly jumped from the visitors’ gallery into the lower house, while their accomplices were apprehended outside the chamber. As TV images showed, security guards swiftly overpowered the intruders, who were armed with small canisters emitting yellow smoke. In the chaos that followed, one of the arrested intruders claimed to be a student protesting rising unemployment and expressed concern over the government’s alleged disregard for people’s voices. However, with the anniversary of a previous attack fresh in their minds, the lawmakers were left even more aware of the importance of maintaining tight security measures within the Parliament complex.

Indian Police Arrest 4 Intruders for Security Breach in Parliament Complex

Indian Police Arrest 4 Intruders for Security Breach in Parliament Complex

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India’s Parliament is the supreme legislative body in the country, consisting of two houses: the Lok Sabha (lower house) and the Rajya Sabha (upper house). The complex is located in New Delhi and is a symbol of India’s democratic system. Over the years, the Parliament complex has been targeted by various security threats, prompting the government to implement strict security measures.


In the past, there have been instances of security breaches in the Parliament complex. These breaches have raised concerns about the effectiveness of the existing security protocols and the potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Arrest of Intruders

Indian police arrested a total of four intruders for breaching security in the Parliament complex. Two of them jumped from the visitors’ gallery into the lower house, while the other two were apprehended outside the chamber. The security guards swiftly intervened and overpowered the intruders, ensuring the safety of the lawmakers present.

During the arrest, it was discovered that the intruders were carrying small canisters that emitted yellow smoke. The presence of these canisters raised concerns about the potential threat they posed and the intent of the intruders.

Security Measures

The Indian Parliament has existing security protocols in place to prevent breaches and ensure the safety of lawmakers and visitors. However, the recent security breach highlighted the need for a thorough analysis of the existing protocols and their effectiveness.

A detailed analysis of the breach revealed potential weaknesses in the security system. It is essential to address these weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement to prevent future breaches. This could include enhancing surveillance systems, strengthening access control measures, and providing better training for security personnel.

Reaction from Officials

In response to the security breach, Parliament Speaker Om Birla expressed concern and condemned the incident. He assured the public that necessary measures would be taken to prevent such incidents in the future. Lawmakers also voiced their concerns and called for a robust response to address the security lapses.


The government, too, expressed its stance on the matter and emphasized the importance of maintaining the security and sanctity of the Parliament complex. Law enforcement agencies highlighted the need for cooperation between different security forces to ensure the safety of the Parliament and its members.

Protest Intentions

The motives behind the intrusion are alleged to be related to protests against rising unemployment. One of the arrested intruders claimed that the government was not listening to the people’s voices and accused the establishment of dictatorship.

These claims highlight the frustration among sections of society and their perceived disregard of public concerns. While protests are an essential part of a democratic society, it is crucial to express grievances through peaceful means and engage in constructive dialogue.

Anniversary of 2001 Attack

The security breach took place on the anniversary of a deadly attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001. The attack was carried out by armed assailants who killed several police officers, security guards, and a gardener. All the attackers were neutralized by security forces. The Indian government attributed the attack to a Pakistan-based group.

The anniversary of the attack serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining robust security measures in the Parliament complex. It also underlines the need for continuous vigilance and the implementation of effective counter-terrorism strategies.

Security Forces’ Response

The immediate response of the law enforcement agencies was commendable in handling the security breach. The security forces swiftly overpowered the intruders and ensured the safety of the lawmakers present in the chamber. Their prompt action prevented any harm to the individuals and maintained the integrity of the Parliament complex.

The handling of the small canisters emitting yellow smoke was also crucial in mitigating any potential threat they may have posed. Law enforcement agencies must continue to refine their tactics and be prepared to respond effectively to any security incidents in the future.

Accusation Against Pakistan-based Group

The Indian government attributed the security breach to a Pakistan-based group. While no concrete evidence has been presented to support this claim, it has significant diplomatic implications. Accusations against neighboring countries can strain bilateral relations and hinder cooperation on various fronts.

It is essential for India to conduct a thorough investigation and gather relevant evidence before making any official attribution. Maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with Pakistan regarding security concerns is vital to ensure the stability of the region.

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Escalation of Security Measures

The recent security breach in the Parliament complex has necessitated the escalation of security measures. The government is reviewing its security policies and considering allocating additional resources to strengthen security protocols. Preventing future breaches requires a comprehensive approach that addresses potential vulnerabilities and enhances the effectiveness of security measures.

Officials must strike a balance between maintaining the democratic character of the Parliament complex and ensuring the safety of its occupants. This includes the implementation of advanced surveillance technologies, stringent access control measures, and robust training programs for security personnel.

Government’s Response

The government has issued official statements expressing concern over the security breach. It has pledged to conduct a thorough review of the existing security policies and implement necessary changes to prevent future breaches. Allocating resources to strengthen security measures and address potential weaknesses will be a priority for the government.

In addition to enhancing security, the government should focus on addressing the concerns raised by the protesters. Engaging in constructive dialogue and addressing issues related to unemployment can help alleviate the underlying grievances and prevent future incidents of this nature.

In conclusion, the recent security breach in the Indian Parliament complex highlights the need for continuous evaluation and improvement of security protocols. The government, along with law enforcement agencies, must take swift and comprehensive action to address the weaknesses exposed by the breach. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the security and sanctity of democratic institutions while addressing the concerns of the public.

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