Russian presidential hopeful vows to champion peace, women and a ‘humane’ country

December 13, 2023 | by b1og.net


Meet Yekaterina Duntsova, a little-known journalist and mother of three from a small town in western Russia, who dreams of challenging President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming Russian presidential election. Despite her lack of political experience and analysts’ predictions of Putin’s reelection, Duntsova remains undeterred. She believes her message of peace, freedom, and a more humane Russia will resonate with those who oppose Putin’s policies. As a grassroots campaigner and local legislator, Duntsova’s passion for engaging with people’s concerns has fueled her desire to effect change. Although her chances of being officially registered as a candidate may be slim, Duntsova remains hopeful and envisions a future where she will continue to fight for the values she holds dear.

Russian presidential hopeful vows to champion peace, women and a humane country

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Yekaterina Duntsova: A little-known journalist


Yekaterina Duntsova, a journalist from a small town in western Russia, is not a household name in the country. However, she has recently gained attention for her bid to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming presidential election. Despite her lack of political experience, Duntsova believes her message of peace, freedom, and a “humane” Russia resonates with many Russians who are discontented with Putin’s tight grip on politics.

Drawing of Duntsova debating Putin

In the early 2010s, Duntsova’s eldest daughter drew a picture of her debating Putin live on prime-time TV. While it was originally intended as a joke about her civic activism, Duntsova sees the drawing as a symbol of hope for the future. This image reflects her belief that she can shake up the political landscape and force Putin into a run-off in the upcoming election.

Opposition to Putin’s tight grip on politics

Duntsova’s decision to challenge Putin stems from her opposition to his tight grip on politics in Russia. She believes that Putin’s military operation in Ukraine, centralization of power, and crackdown on dissent are detrimental to the country. By offering an alternative vision for Russia, Duntsova hopes to energize those opposing the current regime and bring about much-needed change.

Duntsova’s Agenda

Peace with Ukraine


One of Duntsova’s key objectives is to bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine and establish peace between Russia and its neighbor. While she does not go into great detail about her peace plan, she emphasizes the importance of negotiations and a swift resolution to the fighting. Duntsova believes that a change in leadership might open up the possibility of peace talks with Ukraine.

Freedom for imprisoned critics of the government

Duntsova is also a strong advocate for the release of political prisoners in Russia. She believes that the current regime targets opposition activists and protesters, stifling freedom of expression and dissent. If elected, Duntsova vows to issue a presidential decree to free Russia’s political prisoners, although she does not explicitly name any individuals. However, she has expressed support for the release of anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, who is a prominent critic of Putin.

Creating a ‘humane’ Russia

Duntsova’s vision for Russia centers around creating a more humane and inclusive society. She believes in building a Russia that is peaceful, friendly, and respectful of its citizens’ concerns. As a journalist-turned-grassroots campaigner, Duntsova has firsthand experience engaging with people’s issues and believes she can bring about positive change by directly addressing their needs.

Championing Women’s Issues

Controversial attempts to restrict abortion

One of the key issues Duntsova champions is women’s rights, particularly in light of recent attempts by the Russian government to restrict abortion. Russia, like many conservative countries, has seen increased pressure to curtail women’s reproductive rights. Duntsova is a vocal opponent of these efforts and believes that women should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Support for issues close to women

In addition to opposing restrictions on abortion, Duntsova supports a range of issues that are important to women. She believes in equal opportunities for women in the workforce, access to quality healthcare, and support for families. Duntsova recognizes that women have unique concerns and strives to represent their interests in her campaign.

Duntsova’s Career and Civic Engagement

Journalist-turned-grassroots campaigner

Before entering the political sphere, Duntsova worked as a journalist, which gave her firsthand experience of engaging with the concerns of the public. This experience motivated her to become more actively involved in civic engagement and led her to pursue a career in politics. Duntsova’s background as a journalist informs her approach to politics, as she values the importance of listening to and addressing the concerns of the people.

Pushing for reinstatement of direct mayoral elections

Duntsova’s grassroots campaigning began when she gathered nearly 4,000 signatures in support of reinstating direct mayoral elections in her hometown of Rzhev. The Kremlin had scrapped these elections as part of its efforts to centralize power in Russia. This campaign laid the groundwork for Duntsova’s future political career and demonstrated her willingness to fight for democratic processes and local autonomy.

Gathering voter signatures and facing scrutiny

Russian electoral law requires independent candidates to gather 300,000 unique voter signatures to run for office. Duntsova and her campaign team are currently working to gather the necessary support to officially register her candidacy. However, they face scrutiny and potential obstacles from the authorities. Duntsova has already been called in for questioning and asked to clarify her political views, but she has asserted her constitutional right to remain silent.

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Duntsova’s Message to Voters

Energizing disillusioned voters

Duntsova aims to energize voters who are disillusioned with the current state of politics in Russia. She believes that many people feel disheartened and believe that their voices do not matter. By offering an alternative to Putin and his policies, Duntsova hopes to reinvigorate these disillusioned voters and show them that there is still hope for change.

Not a ‘spoiler candidate’

Duntsova strongly asserts that she is not a “spoiler candidate” who is covertly backed by the Kremlin. In Putin’s Russia, it is not uncommon for the government to field opposition candidates who give the appearance of competitiveness while ultimately ensuring Putin’s victory. Duntsova wants to make it clear that she is not part of this strategy and genuinely aims to challenge Putin and offer voters a choice.

Running again in future elections

Even if Duntsova is not successful in her presidential bid this time, she remains optimistic about the future. She is open to the possibility of running again in future elections, believing that each attempt brings her closer to achieving her goals. Duntsova’s commitment to her cause and her dedication to the people of Russia shine through as she expresses her determination to continue fighting for positive change.

Support from Activists

Our Headquarters project

Duntsova has received support from an activist-led project called Our Headquarters, which assists individuals fleeing Russia to settle abroad. This project aims to support democratic candidates who have an antiwar position. While Duntsova’s lack of experience in federal-level politics may be seen as a disadvantage, the project coordinators believe it could actually work in her favor.

Endorsement from Andrey Davydov

Andrey Davydov, one of the project coordinators for Our Headquarters, has endorsed Duntsova’s bid for the presidency. Despite the challenges she may face in registering as an official candidate, Davydov believes that Duntsova has the potential to become a focal point for anti-Putin sentiment. Her grassroots background and commitment to her values resonate with many activists who are seeking change in Russia.

Slim chance of being officially registered as a candidate

While Duntsova has garnered support from activists and individuals disillusioned with Putin’s regime, political analysts believe her chances of being officially registered as a candidate are slim. Russian electoral laws and potential government scrutiny present significant obstacles. Dmitry Oreshkin, an independent political analyst, suggests that Duntsova might not become a true focal point for anti-Putin sentiment. However, Duntsova remains undeterred and is prepared to continue her pursuit of change.

In conclusion, Yekaterina Duntsova, a little-known journalist and grassroots campaigner, is determined to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming presidential election. Her agenda focuses on peace with Ukraine, freedom for imprisoned critics of the government, and building a more humane Russia. Duntsova champions women’s issues and aims to energize disillusioned voters. While facing challenges and scrutiny, Duntsova remains committed to her cause and hopes to bring about positive change, even if it means running again in future elections.

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